El Rey Del Sabor’s Spicy Mexican Cheesesteak

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Tom

And so it has officially begun… I went to El Rey Del Sabor (the Mexican cart on 60th and 3rd Ave.) or Monday for the first official payoff of the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.  It’s called the “Alambre” on the sign advertising this new $6.50 sandwich- but I prefer to think of it as a “spicy Mexican cheesesteak.”  You may remember reading about this off-the-menu treat a few months back, when they served it to me as a plate lunch.  Thankfully they took my suggestion a turned it into a full fledged sandwich… and just in time to introduce it as their entry in the sandwich challenge.

Check it out after the jump…


Salted beef, sauteed with jalapenos, peppers, onions, and (I believe cotija) cheese.  It all gets slid onto a generic hoagie roll that’s been smeared with refried beans and topped with lettuce, tomato, and the sauce of your choice (according to one luncher, he’s developing a guac/sour cream sauce specifically for this sandwich.)  Originally the spicy part of the sandwich was habaneros, but they had trouble finding good ones this week, so jalapenos were substituted.  Not as spicy, obviously, but the thick cut, fresh jalapenos give it the whole thing a nice little kick.  Eventually, maybe he’ll bring the habaneros back.

The sandwich probably doesn’t need the lettuce and tomatoes, and I wouldn’t have minded a little extra meat… but all in all, if the idea of a spicy, Mexican style, philly cheesesteak sounds appealing to you- this will be your new favorite sandwich- and a perfect response to my sandwich challenge.  Reward them by going to try this now!

El Rey Del Sabor Cart, SW corner of 60th Street & 3rd Ave.


  • Am I in their delivery radius?

  • i think they have just become my favorite midtown cart

  • I will be heading uptown later this week no doubt! That sounds awesome!

  • What kind of sauce do you suggest Zach?

  • Harry has a sibling! Congrats Zach on your second baby

    Tomorrow you can now compare notes with the wife on which one hurt more coming out

  • Going today to try it…I’ll report back in a bit.

    Might need to bring a Rolaid for post-sandwich relief.

  • That looks really good. Will have to check it out next time I take a walk that way.

    BTW, I wanted to see if for the entire week I could eat lunch at Hometown Deli! I had the Roman Sandwich on Monday and the Grilled Chicken with Greek Salad on Tuesday.

    Any suggestions for the rest of the week?

  • Meant “Homefront” on 41st.

  • They make a sauce, it’s a pink Chipotle tasting sauce, that they put on the Quesdillas. I suggest that one because that sauce is just KILLER

  • I had a version of this in Mexico. It’s served w/ chipotles on the side. It’s called La Norteña. I may need to walk over there when the weather breaks.

  • This sandwich looks great! Quite a hefty sammie for $6.50!

  • So spoke to my man at the 100% Halal & Healthy Food, aka Cart with the Greek Salad, and he is up to the challenge. In fact, I’m test-driving a combination we came up with about 15 minutes ago. He said he’d begin offering it tomorrow. It’s a spicy chicken/beef combo with cheese and grilled onions and topped with his special thick hot sauce and white sauce. All for only $5!

  • Wined & Dined: what are the cross-streets on that cart? I’m planning a heart attack for tomorrow afternoon…

  • 55th and Park NW corner. Was just there at about 1:30 myself, went with the chicken and rice w/ mixed veggies instead of my usual Greek Salad w/ Chicken. Food/price ratio is out of control amazing at this place.

  • My dearest McBeagle:

    I assume they will not drive that sandwich to Pittsburgh, but perhaps you could arrange to have one flown in by Fed Ex.

    I fear it may irritate your chronic bloating condition, however.

    I must admit that this sandwich looks edible.

  • Any idea if they’re open Saturdays? Nights?

  • I think by night they’re cooks at some restaurant in queens or something, so I doubt it.

  • At least this is the only item on their menu that has a set price. For everything else they assign prices as they please.

  • At least this is the only item on their menu that has a set price. For everything else they assign prices as they please.

    Illegal I would think. A food vendor or establishment has to post prices

  • I was working in the neighborhood today so I dropped by the the Alambre. Great sandwich, really filling and spicy! Also had one of their chicken empanadas, flakey and nicely spiced. Too bad this cart is too far away from my normal area. The soft tacos looked great. Radishes FTW!

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