FreeFoods Sandwich Challenges Me Into Eating at FreeFoods


So far I have managed to avoid FreeFoods NYC, the expensive, mostly organic, new deli with an emphasis on raw and vegetarian foods (they do have meat though). I’ve got nothing against their food… just the price, which can get pretty expensive, pretty quick. Luckily for those who were interested Kathy YL Chan, from A Passion for Food, was willing to sacrifice herself by eating through their menu, and posting about it here on Midtown Lunch.

Well FreeFoods NYC has outsmarted me by deciding to take on the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, which was announced last week; ensuring that I will have to go in and at least try the sandwich they have created. Their entry? A free range duck reuben featuring brown sugar-cured duck pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss, and a red chili Russian dressing (on toasted rye). It’s a pricey $9.99 (most of their sandwiches cost about that), but actually sounds kind of good. Alright FreeFoods… you’ve won this round. Let’s see how good your sandwich is.


  • That actually sounds brilliant!…thats only £6.50ish

    ……and well done Zach…you’ll have the more established NY food bloggers twitching!

    I know you won’t respond…as i only bring you pain, and warnings from ISP admins.

  • I’m kind of mad that this already expensive place didn’t truly embrace the concept and made it $9.99 instead of getting a little more creative and oh i dont know, making it maybe 6.99… I know it’s top quality ingredients so to speak, but its a friggin sandwich… I know they still followed the rules but after taxes and a drink its NOT a midtown lunch special… and the skeptic in me says that this sandwich is not big enough to warrant the price.

  • I ate there today for the first time. After entering into the free lunch for a month contest and losing I got free lunch for 1 day. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I had the cuban sandwich, a cup of the tuscan bean soup and a macadamia nut and coconut cookie. The free lunch covered $20 and I had to pay the extra $1.40. Granted, I wouldn’t pay $21.40 for a fast food/deli-type lunch, it was actually really good. Though my vegetarian co-worker came too (she could get $20 worth of food also) and they gave her a chicken sandwich though she ordered something vegetarian! Sadly, she didn’t find out until we got back to the office. Though she enjoyed her brownie.

  • I’m surprised that they didn’t price it at $9.999 to squeak in under the $10 limit even closer. Their ‘FreeFoods’ name is truly ironic.

    And don’t be surprised if the sandwich is about as big as half of a regular sandwich. (Although Zach’s may be full-size–he controls the press!) Can’t wait to0 see an ‘anonymous’ version of this creation.

  • I’m looking forward to Walgreens announcing THEIR Midtown Lunch sandwich next


  • quamzibo –

    I’ve yet to collect my free lunch. Did you have to ask to see the manager (my email said I’ve to say ‘hi’ to him…)?

  • @ stevenp, glad to see someone knows where I’m coming from… Even notice the partial pic of the sandwich… nt the WHOLE thing… hmmm… wonder why?

  • that sandwich sounds delicious

  • @Lou: That pic *is* the whole sandwich! It’s about 2″ wide, and only 2″ deep. It’s about the QUALITY, man. These ingredients are ORGANIC. Do you really expect to feel full after spending less than $10 for a GOURMET sandwich? Tone your expectations down. A friggin’ duck DIED so you could eat this sandwich, fer chrissake!


  • Fucking weak showing. I give them 24 hours to make this a combo with some side (chips, etc.) and a drink, coming to under $10 after tax.

    Otherwise I move the ML constiuents to enact a boycott Effective 6:05 PM tomorrow) to never eat at this fucking place. Ever. Even if it’s free.

    Cheap, sleazy bastards.

  • I got a sandwich and a small soup. I forget which sandwich I got but remember the soup was lobster bisque. I also remember the meal cost 17 bucks. I *really* want to like the place but the cost is really prohibitive. Maybe they could sell the old f&b dogs, pomme frites, and beignet for some cheaper options. Starwich was expensive but IIRC decently less than that.

  • 4 co-workers and I had to try it. They are FreeFood fans and this was my first time trying. We absolutely loved it and we didn’t miss them not having a free soda/drink to go along with it.

    The sandwhich is also a good size unless you are a really heavy guy (+250lbs) or want leftovers. Stop b!tch’n and try it.

  • It’s not about the size of a sandwich. It’s about having a modicum of variety in a lunch. A $10 solitary sandwich does not a lunch make. A ten dollar, beverageless lunch has no place here, and should not be tolerated (much less publicized) by the ML community.

    You’ve got 4 hours left, FreeFoods.

  • I’m not bitch’n but it seems as if FreeFoods mockingly set up their price at 9.99. I alway thought this site was about getting a quality lunch… drink included for 10 or below. Of course the exceptions being buffets, chinese food, and good sit down restaurants… Free foods doesnt really qualify under any of those… and I’d assume they’ll end up charging tax on that 9.99… surely putting it above $10… with a drink from that place and your close to 12+… I’d never pay 9.99 for a sandwich that didnt come with AT LEAST a side of chips and a soda… i never ate here, and i most likely never will so im down with the boycott lol.

  • Solidarity!

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