El Rey Del Sabor Sandwich Confirm

It’s been confirmed that yesterday El Rey del Sabor, the Mexican Cart on 60th and 3rd, has entered the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge. “It’s called the Alambre and comes with salty beef, melted cheese, beans, jalapenos, tomatos, lettuce, guacomole and sauce, if you’d like, on a half-hero.” Full report tomorrow.


  • That sounds goooood!

  • How much??

  • It’s 6.50.

  • i am eating this right now. soooooo goooood… totally worth going out in the storm to get it

  • That sounds tremendous, pretty much like the tortas I’d get after a good late-night drunk back in Texas.

  • The Alambre is a great! sandwich that truly lives up to its description: Spicy Mexican Philly Cheesesteak. If you love Cheesesteaks you’ll love this…it has all the great flavors of meat, peppers and onions all grilled together. What separates this special sandwich is its spice Mexican flavors.

    Unfortuneately I can only make it to this cart very late so I was unable to get jalapenos, but the homemade special green spicy sauce more than made up for it and the Mexican mash on top (corn,lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) sealed the deal for me. It’s a great meal.

    With a passion for cooking and great variety and taste, this cart is a must.

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