At Lunch Now: One of the Few Times It’s Okay To Bring Your Lunch


… when it’s leftover roast pork bo ssam from Superbowl.  Obviously I’m normally against bringing your lunch (if too many people started doing it, it would be the death of this site) but this isn’t your momma’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a brown paper bag.  Oh, and by the way… the little pile on the left is just crispy skin and (delicious, melt in your mouth) pork fat. The pile on the right is the leftover meat. That’s right, don’t let the lettuce fool you…  if anything is going to kill me, it’s going to be eating this for the third day in a row. Completely worth it, and better than Cafe Cello (on 46th btw. 5+6th) if I do say so myself (probably because I splurged and bought the meat at Marlow and Daughters in Brooklyn.)


  • Eating 2 day old crispy pork fat.

    One could almost forgive for bottling out of the Welgreens sarnie.


  • Just don’t do it right before your wedding. Ok, Zach?

  • OK, I also ordered the bo ssam on Sunday. My question is how the $#%^ did you have leftovers? Ours was long gone by the end of the game… save for some of the condiments.

  • @Ben – Well technically, I didn’t get the bo ssam… Momofuku was sold out by the time I emailed, so I made my own and convinced them to sell me everything else- but the meat.

    But the real reason there were leftovers is because there were only six of us eating it…

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