Mexican Cart Now Selling Chanpuitado… and Possibly a Midtown Lunch Special Sandwich?


Last week I stopped by El Rey del Sabor, the awesome Mexcian cart on 60th St. and 3rd Ave., and discovered they are now selling chanpuitado.  Admittedly, I had no idea what that is (and a google search turns up nothing so I don’t know if it’s spelled right) but it’s basically Mexcian hot chocolate… and the perfect little drink for this weather (especially for $1.50).

They also told me that they plan on introducing a Midtown Lunch Special Sandwich as early as today.  The original idea was that it may be some sort of habanero filled Mexican cheese steak (like that stuff they served me a few months back, only in a roll instead of on a plate) but we won’t know for sure until they introduce it officially.  If anybody goes to check it out today, please report back in the comments.

Update: In the comments… “It’s Champurrado


  • Finally figured it out – it’s Champurrado

  • Great find… I saw champurrados for sale at some street carts when I was in cabo last month, but I didn’t get a chance to try them because I was too full from their tamales instead.

    I just moved offices from the Upper East Side down to 56th & lex so I’ll be stopping by there often now that I can’t go to Paty’s every other day anymore…

  • Zach, looks like you’ve made the same discovery Homesick Texan did a few months back:

    Looks like some tasty stuff!

  • Confirmed. It’s called the Alambre and comes with salty beef, melted cheese, beans, jalapenos, tomatos, lettuce, guacomole and sauce, if you’d like, on a half-hero. Didn’t ask if it was possible to get a different meat, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

    It was pretty much like a larger version of the Tortas they make there. Overall it was pretty good, the bread could be better but it was satisfying. It cost $6.50, definitely better price/food ratio than the Tortas.

  • So they didn’t call it the Midtown Lunch??? How rude, after all the free promotion and lunchin’ money we gave then. Pft!

  • @Mamacita, they did and even mentioned the website. I sent Zach some pics.

  • Opps, ok I take it back. Huzzah for the Mex cart!! Yeah!

  • But what will it be Called?

    You should run a Vote.

    Im Going With: The Fat Zach (no offence)

    Or,Possibly :MamaManeater.

  • Just went to get some Champurrado but he was sold out. He confirmed that it is made the old school way and that he uses chocolate imported from Mexico. Sounds good.

    AND he told us that in two weeks, he is opening another cart on 28th and 6th.

    We asked about the special sandwich — he got a request today to change the name of the alambre to something else. Will know more tomorrow (when he will have a new guacomole/sour cream sauce for the sandwich).

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