A Quick Look at Go Go Curry’s New Fish Special


Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen ran out of sloppy joe’s on Friday before I got a chance to partake, so I ended up walking around the corner to Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th) to try their latest topping: fried fish. They use tilapia, so there wasn’t that fishy taste or smell that you’d get from say… Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart (which could be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference.) It’s was super crispy, and pretty tasty… but as you can see, for $2 you don’t get a lot of it. (And certainly not as much as the photo in the window would have you believe.)

Next time I think I’ll go back to the standard katsu curry plate… with the fish topping added on! At $9 it would be a little pricey, but completely worth it.


  • Bless you Zach. Looks like there’s a GGC run in my future. I haven’t been by in far too long. Used to work close by, and now I gotta make a trip over.

  • That looks utterly ghastly. Sorry.

    I have been unable to contain myself, wondering if McBeagle was involved in any of the many altercations following his hometown’s winning of the Superbowl. Even though I do not care for him, I would never wish him physical or legal harm.

  • Doesn’t look very appetizing. Brown goop is making stomach turn…..

  • It looks plastic and not real at all. Is this Fisher Price food?

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