Midtown Links (The “Dan Dan Noodles” Edition)


  • Jeebus! I clicked on that Real People, Real Lunch link and that site assaulted my eyes. The colors! I clicked away

  • How can noodle soup have too much soup in it?

    It’s a bit like asking why does my egg have a yolk.

    Yes…im most of the way down a Chianti Classico.

  • I think thanks are in order to Zach for another Gay Superman-free Friday linkfest. Good weekend, all.

  • To Rudy:

    Dan dan noodles is not a noodle soup. It’s a dry noodle dish.

    I love Szechuan Gourmet, but am not so crazy about their dan dan noodles.

  • aah Redemption!

  • I had these Dan Dan noodles from SzG about a month a go–takeout, and ate them about 3 days later. (They were refrigerated immediately, and didn’t have as much pork topping as B&B’s pix show.) I seriously think these gave me food poisoning. Had them Monday evening (had cereal earlier in the day), and Tuesday I felt queasy, then developed a fever, runs, aches etc. by late afternoon. Nothing else I ate the day before I got sick seems to be a culprit. They were pretty spicy/tasty, though. Maybe I should thank SzG for helping me with my weight loss regimen.

  • @ mamacita…hahaha the colors are rasta! duh! jah!!!!

  • stevenp-why would you eat the noodles 3 days later? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did get food poisoning.

    Are these noodles just udon noodles with some scallions and meat? That’s what the original picture on the blog looks like to me.

  • They’re heavily spiced, and I got a takeout order that was immediately refrigerated at home. Other meal options came up for a couple of days, thus the delay. I seriously doubt that an unopened takeout order that went in the fridge while still warm would simply go bad. Never happens with other half-eaten leftovers that sometimes sit around longer. It’s not like I left them sitting open on the countertop for3 days. Sheesh.

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