Free Food Fail: Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen is Open?

Sent to the ML Inbox at 2pm: “Schnippers in the NY times building is giving away all items for free.  Place is mobbed.”  Call to the restaurant and confirmed… ”It wasn’t a promotion, we were testing the kitchen out” by giving away free food to anyone who walked in.  It lasted until 2pm. That’s interesting… the owner didn’t mention anything to me two days ago when he sent over the menu.  Why would they want to deny Midtown Lunch readers the opportunity to “test out the kitchen”.  Don’t they know how angry we get when we are denied free food?!?  Anybody luck into this one today?  How was it?

Also confirmed over the phone: Schnipper’s will officially be open to the public tomorrow (Friday) at 11 a.m.


  • I work around the corner and there was a pretty continuous stream of people. I was tempted to get into line, but had previous lunch obligations. Gahhhh!

  • I work downtown and would trek uptown for free food at lunch time! Desperate times call for desperate measures!

  • Zach, the reason they didn’t mention the free food promo/test…was….well…you can make Chinese buffet owners weep….and look what you did to Zen Burger.

  • If we compare restaurants to movies…

    We all know which movies open without a preview for the critics

    They generally have names like ‘Godfather 4: Michael Takes a Dump’

  • Maybe they didn’t have the free food event planned? Maybe there was no schedule for it? Maybe they will have multiple events? Maybe they’re not ready to roll out. But either way, your comments are obnoxious. They’re not denying you anything.

  • @ Harry – Free Food Alerts are half the reason why many people read this site, especially in these trying economic times! I couldn’t live with myself if I allowed a restaurant in Midtown to get away with out giving free food without letting the readers of Midtown Lunch know about it.

    If trying to get my readers free food makes me obnoxious… then I, sir, am obnoxious! (Actually, everybody who knows me could have attested to that anyway…)

    Btw… unrelated question. Is your last name Schnipper by any chance?

  • @ Harry (also known as likely Shnipper owner)—watch it pal—you are starting off on VERY thin ice. You know what happens when you provoke the loyal soldiers of ML!!!! We will ruin you!!! RUIN YOU!!!!!! We will march into your establishment and dump all over your food–literaryally via the blog (fu! I get to make up words!) and figuratively—don’t even ask how figuratively will take place…just rest assured it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t mess with a hungry freeloaders! We’ll bite your shins off! (and then put a little white and hot sauce on them -Yum)

  • Bars have been known to fall apart upon Mamacita entering them.

  • Hahahahaahahah people get so riled up, dude, they just read what Zach wrote in the wrong tone.

  • …what was that about biting something off? Twitchy wants details

  • Trust me–Mamacita has been “haunting my haunts!” I have seen the damage after she has left…but never actually seen her. I only hear rumors, as no one will willingly mention her by name, kind of like Voldemort….

  • I am a Schnipper’s owner and actually there was never a promotion for free food. We were testing our kitchen and allowing those who wandered by to eat so the food would not go to waste. Word did get out so we had a crowd but that was not the intention. The purpose of the exercise was to work the kitchen and had we promoted free food it would have been mayhem and not been effective for the kitchen. Sorry! I know this isn’t what you will want to hear but our main goal is to be as good as possible when we open which is today. So Zach, that is why I didn’t let you know. If we ever do a real free food promotion, I promise you will be the first to know! Hope to see you after we are open.

  • Thanks for chiming in Andrew. Please note that Zach is half joking in this post. It’s a running joke that we are a bunch of fat freeloaders that take on wind, sleet and snow for a free sample. So don’t take it as an actual complaint… we just love free food!

  • This is the second time you’ve accused me of shilling, now for 2 different places. The last time I sent you a message from my work address to help prove that I actually work in the area, and I’m not “shilling.” Did you modify your post about Free Foods saying that I’m just a visitor to this site or that I did a good job of proving I don’t work for them? No

    As to free food, I appreciate that you get the free food alerts out there. I’d never go near one because I don’t want to wait on those lines, even for free. You should also understand that the midtown lunch world doesn’t solely revolve around you. It’s been around way before you got here and it will be here way after you’re gone.

  • it was around but apparently sans any sense of humor. who knew midtown lunching was such serious business…

  • I love how ppl are not in on the joke and think Zach is super serious. We’re not angry. We’re hungry. a little sad. kinda despondent that we missed all the free burgerness. sad face!!!

    :( :( :( :(

    gets a grip yo.

  • @ Andrew–my apologies for believing Harry was an employee of your fine establishment—Schipper’s rep is all good in my book…Look forward to bringing friends and family to the opening!

    @ Harry–You, sir, are a giant flaming sack of turds! Go away or keep your whining and complaining to yourself until you get locked up! I’m willing to bet you are some crotchety old exec., likely working for a Madoff off-shoot–until he gives you up and you go to the pokey…

  • Harry, I’m sorry Zach didn’t modify the post, but I’ll say it here in the slightly less prestigious comments section–YOU DID A GOOD JOB. Someone get a gold star for Harry!

  • Just got back from this place. Demanded a refund after I saw what the mac and cheese looked like. I wouldnt put it in my mouth if it were free. Wacky mack should be considered gourmet compared to this place.

    Fish tacos didnt look much better and to think they cost $8.99
    Place wont last mor than few months

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