Schnipper’s Will Open by Sat; Menu Looks Pretty Good

The New York Times is reporting that Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen, the new venture from the founders of Hale & Hearty Soup, will open this Saturday, January 31st… and according to an email the owner sent me “possibly sooner depending on how the kitchen progresses”. As reported here a few months ago, the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the New York Times Building (on 41st and 8th) and will feature fish tacos, sloppy joe’s, mac and cheese, and a half mac & cheese/half sloppy joe concoction! Also exciting is the news that everything on the menu (except the salads) is under $10. Check out the full menu, after the jump.

This isn’t the final version of the menu, and a few things have already changed (like the chicken fingers are now $6.99 because they decided to make the portion larger), but as a jumping off point it looks pretty good. Sure, the potential to spend $15 is there- but a mac & joe w/ fries comes out to $9.75… and that’s all I need to know!



  • WOW! This actually looks really good! Total comfort food and prices are reasonable. I hope the food tastes as good as we hope.

  • Menu looks good. Curious to try their fish tacos and possibly the mac & cheese. Why would they have a grand opening on a saturday though?
    Might as well wait till monday and give away free lunch to us all.

  • Still, it’s from the hale & hearty people, which makes me wary.

  • Wow – midwestern food in midtown! You can only get that everywhere between New Jersey and Nevada!

    Looks about as exciting as popping a pimple on your ass on a rainy Monday night.

  • I mean it does look tasty and reasonable– though I *do* take issue with an $8 grilled cheese. And $.75 to add tomato. Mac and cheese though??? YES!

  • We should have Steve revue it.

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