7th Ave. Turkish Mainstay Sahara Grill Closes


The New Year’s carnage continues, as we receive word from the “Bronx Briner Gal” that Sahara Grill, the small Turkish take out place on 7th Ave. and 40th Street, has closed. Known for its doner kebab and falafel, the Sahara Grill is a place that you may not have eaten at- but you’ve definitely walked by. It will be missed by many.


  • Understandable, but I would point out that Ed Levine, amongst many others, have done so and lived to tell the tale.

  • @ben – So far, so good I suppose. :-)

  • Where as I,Myself am actually Zach’s dark side.

  • My co-worker and I decided to give this place another chance today, but once again, we could not get service. How rude! MY coworker agrees with me, and we will not be returning

  • Thanks for posting this, Zach. I wish that you had a chance to try this place. Like you said, this is a hole in the wall that everyone walks by, but rarely tries! Sahara regularly had a line out the door at lunch for take-out (ok, this place was tiny and had only a couple of bar stools in the back, so that’s not saying much), but it did have a decent sized crowd every day. The food was good, the counter people were friendly and most importantly… this store wasn’t a big national chain. I’m wondering how many other old-time holes in the wall are going to fall victim to recession?

  • Zach is more of a man than Ed Levine will ever be.

  • (shivers going up my spine) Zach, I get the feeling he’d rather do OTHER THINGS to you than kill you.

  • Are there any other doner kebab places in upper midtown?

  • “the Sahara Grill is a place that you may not have eaten at- but you’ve definitely walked by”

    Perhaps that’s why they shuttered. I work a couple blocks from them and the sad state of the fruit they sold outside made me underconfident about the quality of the food inside.

  • Bummer I’ve eaten there for years — the food was good and fresh. It went downhill after the regular cook guy left a few months ago and the raised the prices. He would say “Babaganoush President Boosh” and “How you feel — falafel?” In the summer he had the hottest job in the world standing right in front of those huge kebab heating elements.

  • Its funny cause I go to Midtown comics ALL the time and never noticed that store under it.

  • When the “real” DocChuck posts on this (or any other blog) he uses his avatar and a link. He does NOT post anonymously as the cowardly imitators known as Louise Bresia, Jerzee Tomato, and various other SE “DocChuck” wannabes — LOL.

    And, if Zach wants to know who they are, he can ALWAYS check out the IP addresses, “ben.”


  • There are no DocChuck wannabes….no one wants to be anything remotely like what you are

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