7th Ave. Turkish Mainstay Sahara Grill Closes


The New Year’s carnage continues, as we receive word from the “Bronx Briner Gal” that Sahara Grill, the small Turkish take out place on 7th Ave. and 40th Street, has closed. Known for its doner kebab and falafel, the Sahara Grill is a place that you may not have eaten at- but you’ve definitely walked by. It will be missed by many.


  • That’s really sad to hear. I liked their food. The same young cook was always at that place and had been for years.

  • wow thats sad. I used to work closeby and ate there a few times.

  • Its sad… but you gotta pay the troll toll if you want that boys soul

  • Today was also the day that the man who invented the Doner Kebab passed on (http://www.thelocal.de/society/20090122-16943.html)…

  • Food here was pretty solid despite its location and looks on the outside. Used to order for dinner at work….food was always very fresh and a good deal. Midtown lost a quality resturant that was likely under patronized due to reasons listed above.

  • My co-worker and I went there to eat today, and we could not get anyone to serve us. How rude! My co-worker agrees with me.

  • Pabo76

    sad news…..many’s a morning id wake in my 20′s with a doner and some backpacking aussie called(mostly) ‘Chloe’…mixed up in the IKEA Duvet.

  • Must be a curse of having Midtown Comics above you. The Vitamin World on 45th and Lex also shuttered recently.

  • How is it that you New Yawkers are so trusting? Believing without a doubt that you are being served meat in that kabab.

    We both know it’s impossible to tell if it’s chicken or Chihuahua, beef or Burmese, meat or Manx.

    As you know, my wife ran a very successful commercial kennel when we lived in Arkansas. Although most of her customers were Penelope’s Pet Land and the like, she did have a number of asian and middle eastern restaurants as clients.

    Did you know that there are relatively inexpensive DNA kits to be had? Perhaps it would be a good idea to test the fare served by your favorite “street meat” establishments.

    I am of the opinion that the closing of this type of establishment is in the best interest of public health.


  • Sarah Hellerman = DocChuck

  • Sahara Grill was great any time of day or night! Some of the best quality doner in the city! So sad!! “Ahhfie Falafieee!!”

  • ya’fink?

    also….., tonight, you saw the end of short selling :)

    Do’you think the US gov will support the 401k with 1 trillion dollars like it did the Hamptons set?.

    No, me either…..or is that neither………nyther…nither?


  • DocChuck = Troll

  • @DocChuck The chihuahua is the best part. Go back to Arkansas.

  • DocChuck = retired “educator” with 2 PhDs and more money than you could ever imagine.

  • HAHAHHAHAHA. Right, Doc. That’s why your wife works in a prison. You’re both so rich that she needs a hobby job. And your Hyundai just oozes sophisticated wealth.

  • Well, he did save a lot of money by purchasing me used and “as-is”.

  • It’s a shame Turkish grilled closed. I went to school in that area years ago, would occasionally return to get falafel. The guy who worked there always remembered me “Falafel my friend! how are you”

    I love the comments, but who is this DocChuck character who doesn’t even seem lunch in Midtown regularly to spout this vitriol?

  • DocChuck is a schizoid compulsive liar and obsessive internet troll who has a penchant for food/restaurant blogs. He lives in Maryland and has been banned by most of the sites he’s harassed. Zach seems to like him though.

  • @ben – “Like” is a strong word. I’m just afraid of banning him, and then having him come and kill me.

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