Ask ML: Where Can I Watch the Inauguration?

Seating Area @ Cafe Duke, Midtown NYC 
The televisions of Cafe Duke (on 51st btw. 6+7th)

I’m kind of curious what lunchtime in Midtown is going to look like today. Do you take a 2 hour lunch break and find a place to eat and watch the Inauguration?  Or do you watch it at work and then head out to lunch at 1:30pm?  Your boss kind of has to let you watch it, right? (If they don’t, I feel like I should ask the same question I asked yesterday.) There are all sorts of special parties and deals happening around the city, but none of them are in Midtown… so if you are looking to go the 2 hour lunch break option I have a few suggestions:

There are tons of bars in Midtown with televisions, but the only one I can think of that is a worthy Midtown Lunch option is The Australian on 38th btw. 5+6th.  If that muffuletta from the other day looked good to you, I guess you could go to the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill on restaurant row (they have a ton of TVs). If you want to go for the hardcore Midtown Lunch- Cafe Duke on 51st btw. 6+7th has two big TVs, although seating is tough even on a normal day. I’m pretty sure the CyberCafe (on 49th btw. 7+8th) has a big screen in the back, but it’s a Tuesday so no Madeleine the Crepe Lady (she only comes Weds through Sunday.)  Gothamist says Oren’s will be playing it on the radio at all of their locations, and select Starbucks locations will be showing it on MSNBC (but I’m not sure which ones.)  And finally there will be a large TV courtesy of NY1 on 47th Street btw. 7th & B’way in Times Square (just a short walk away from the Biryani Cart on 46th and 6th.)

There must be more Midtown Lunch’ish places with televisions, right? If you think of any, post them in the comments, and if you go out at lunch, send photos from your phone! ( What are you planning on doing?


  • The Lenny’s on 48th has at least one big TV.

  • One huge tv in the back of Kebab and Grill on 36th btw bdwy and 7th. Can eat Pakistani/Spanish and get your Barack on..

  • Not that I would ever do this, but.. ehem… you could go to one of the many midtown bars and watch it. I have a feeling most will have it switched on.

  • There’s a huge screen in Rockefeller center, if you don’t mind the cold.

  • Heading west to Vynl on 50th & 9th. They have a massive screen that they promise to show the Inauguration on.

  • Kosher Deluxe (46th btw 5th and 6th) has at least one flat screen in the dining area and it is always broadcasting cable news, so that is a sure bet for catching the event.

  • Houndstooth Pub on 8th Ave. and 37th Street – I called – they open at 11:30 and they’re showing the inaug

  • What the hell is there to watch? Stay warm, eat, get back to work. Personally, I’ve been watching a Predator/Predator 2 double feature on Cinemax. Much more relevant IMO.

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