Free Coffee Alert

Eater is reporting that during the Inauguration on Tuesday (from 11:44 a.m. to 1:44 p.m.) Oren’s Daily Roast will be giving away free cups of their new coffee Blend 44.  There are 3 Oren’s in Midtown: two in Grand Central and one on 51st St. and 3rd Ave. (According to the comments on Eater, there was also one on 58th but it has closed.)


  • Thanks for the mention. This is going to be a fun way to get some freebies, listen to the inauguration and maybe win a hill of beans to take home. Yep, there are three in Midtown (Grand Central, 830 Third Ave. at 51st), three on the Upper East Side (two on Lex, one on First Ave.), and one on the Upper West Side (2882 Bway betw 112th & 113th). There are actually nine Oren’s Daily Roast shops; check the website for a location near you:

  • Wonder if anyone thinks to bring a thermos and hit all locations…would that be possible 9 locations 2 hours?

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