Airing of Grievances: Flavors Salad is a Joke

I try my best not to be too negative on this site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vent. Every once in awhile I’ll share some of the more angry useful emails I get in a post called “Airing of Grievances”. (If the Eater Complaints Dept. would like royalties, I’ll be happy to pay up…) Midtown Lunch operates under the assumption that most salads are a joke, so it’s hard for me to feel too bad when you get burned. That being said, these photos are kind of pathetic:


“Me and my co-workers are avid Midtownlunchers and we feel the need to vent about “Flavors”, the new spot in the Fox building on 6th between 47th and 48th. My co-worker just returned with a salad that is complete joke. The salad included 4 ingredients and cost $8, but that’s not the point. Check out the pics attached, they gave no lettuce whatsoever, its basically a half salad for $8!!! Being that we work in mid-town and are all New Yorkers, we understand what to expect when we go to lunch around here when it comes to prices, but to get half a salad and still charge full price is robbery, no wonder Flavors and Café Metro are run by the same joke company. We don’t need our names attached to anything but we wanted to vent. Thanks man and keep it up!!! PS- and the bread is stale.”

I am shocked… Flavors is owned by Cafe Metro? Hopefully this is lesson learned for everyone.

Got your own grievance you’d like to air? Feel free to email it


  • The item should read A.K.A. Seasoned fries and bring them forthwith.

  • Yeah, I tried Flavors the other day for the first time and I second the salad complaint. Mine was half full (or half empty) and didn’t come with any bread/crackers a la Hale and Hearty. This place sucks big time (just like the Fox news building).

  • FYI- I work in the Fox building upstairs from Flavors and have been there a few times. I have had the salad (though did not chop it) and it was quite full. Now, according to the laws of physics, if you take something and break it down in volume it appears as such without hampering the actual weight.
    In this case, you chop lettuce and it’s finer and less bulky decreasing in volume size creating an image of less salad in the bowl. If you measure the salad by weight it is the same. So…You are merely getting what you paid for. A chopped salad.

  • redemption song for flavors. I’m quite positive that the folks at flavors have read this grievance! I just got back from flavors and the salad was huge! not just mine but everyone around me as well. i think they’ve stepped up a notch because the salads taste great but now they are at a size worth its semi overpriced tag!

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