Airing of Grievances: Flavors Salad is a Joke

I try my best not to be too negative on this site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vent. Every once in awhile I’ll share some of the more angry useful emails I get in a post called “Airing of Grievances”. (If the Eater Complaints Dept. would like royalties, I’ll be happy to pay up…) Midtown Lunch operates under the assumption that most salads are a joke, so it’s hard for me to feel too bad when you get burned. That being said, these photos are kind of pathetic:


“Me and my co-workers are avid Midtownlunchers and we feel the need to vent about “Flavors”, the new spot in the Fox building on 6th between 47th and 48th. My co-worker just returned with a salad that is complete joke. The salad included 4 ingredients and cost $8, but that’s not the point. Check out the pics attached, they gave no lettuce whatsoever, its basically a half salad for $8!!! Being that we work in mid-town and are all New Yorkers, we understand what to expect when we go to lunch around here when it comes to prices, but to get half a salad and still charge full price is robbery, no wonder Flavors and Café Metro are run by the same joke company. We don’t need our names attached to anything but we wanted to vent. Thanks man and keep it up!!! PS- and the bread is stale.”

I am shocked… Flavors is owned by Cafe Metro? Hopefully this is lesson learned for everyone.

Got your own grievance you’d like to air? Feel free to email it


  • That is pure BS my friends! Actually,Tasty, on madison between 30th and 31st (or it may be 31st and 32nd) has a pretty decent deal for salads. It is 7.55 including tax for a “small” i.e., regular salad. You got 1 meat, 3 cheeses/bacon/sun dried tomatoes and then can have one scoop of any of their 30 other toppings….basically unlimited toppings other than meat and cheese. I used to hit it up a lot, and REALLY take advantage—but they got wind of my scheme and started SCREWING me…..I had a few words for the salad guy before I swore not to go back during the day. Now, I only go right after work, when I know they are trying to get rid of stuff, so I get a humongous portion of anything I want, to thepoint where I walk out with a salad that weighs well over a lb! hell yeah!

    I would also reccommend Milano on 34th between Madison and 5th, as they have an unlimited toppings of anything salad for I beleive $8. Of course, if I am going there for lunch, I am not getting a salad–I am getting the Milano special (an italian sub that semi-rivals the late “Rosarios” which was located downtown and closed in late MAy/early June ’08)….

  • And I care about any of this because?

    My grievance is… I don’t want any more posts like this one. Let’s review so that there are no problems in the future. Example of a lousy post: this one. Example of a great post: Cafe Zaiya food porn with ample commentary.

    Moreover, even granting that Generic Midtown Salads are worth talking about at all, I have no idea what the so-called grievance is. The “evidence” behind the complaint is two fuzzy cellphone pics which appear to depict… a bowl of salad, ladies and gentlemen! If one can “see from the pics” that the salad is SO pathetic, then surely the purchaser can see so at the time of purchase. So let’s recap. Person sends out co-worker to purchase food, apparently knowing *absolutely nothing* about quality of said food, and then cries because said food is lousy. If you’re going to complain about that, then you may as well complain about every restaurant in Midtown that serves shitty food. There’s no blog for that topic, because no one wants to read it: “Today we had free sandwiches in the conference room for a lunch meeting, and man were they lousy! And the cookies were like hockey pucks!”

    You file a grievance when you’ve been wronged, not when you’ve wronged yourself.

  • Whoa, Dan sounds like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Sure you have some good points….but I can think of one reason it was cool for these guys to vent. They are warning others….so others will not have to waste their time or money going there and being disappointed.

  • If you don’t care about salads, don’t read the post when you see a picture of salad.

    The blog is in part about informing people about locations so you don’t end up with shitty food – so in that respect, this was a useful post. And after all, some of us do eat salads at lunchtime. I approve.

  • People, THE go-to place for salads in midtown is the 49 Bistro on 49th between Park and Madison. It’s a big place with everything (deli, udon bar, mongolian bbq, etc.) Their salad costs $7.xx (forget the exact amount with tax), and it includes UNLIMITED add-ons, not this b.s. “1 meat, 3 cheeses” crap. They have grilled and breaded chicken, spicy shrimp, tuna, ham, turkey, seafood sticks, PLUS shredded cheddar and mozzarella, feta cubes, mozzarella balls, a couple of other cheeses, and some other crazy stuff (eggs, stuffed grape leaves, artichoke hearts, various nuts) plus the ‘usual’ stuff (carrots, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumber, etc….) And a large choice of dressings. For less than $8, you get a salad big enough for 2 meals. Their hot and cold by-the-pound stuff is above average too.

  • Dan L–you are an idiot. Go away! And keep your dumbness to yourself. No one wants to be infected with your stupidity. JACKASS!

  • While Dan L. comes off as a bit of a dick, the question he raises towards the end still arises: why would anyone buy this salad in the first place. Were they not presented with the salad until after they’d handed over their money? Clearly, this salad isn’t worth $8. I could understand buying it if you believed the price was $4, but seriously, the reason places continue to offer such crappy options is that people continue to pay for them for some inexplicable reason.

  • Thank goodness. FINALLY an airing of grievanaces that does not involve ME.

    Only a cretin would hand over $8 for a plastic container half filled with limp greens. “And the bread was stale!” Plus they only gave me one slice of it!

    If I might paraphrase my dear friend Stu, above: The reason places like this thrive is that imbeciles like “ME AND MY CO-WORKERS” continue to willingly submit to being emasculated by their thievery.

  • Hm…I get the sentiment here but here’s a situation to consider.

    You or someone go to get lunch. It’s a very long line. You get to the front of the line and order your food. You recieved it and know it’s not on par. You can A)hold up the line, argue/yellow/demand that they redo the order for you properly or B)pay for the food and go back to the office and gripe and swear that you’ll never patronize there again.

    I’m not from New York, but I’ve witness many unpleasantness when you hold up a line. You have to be thick skinned. You have to ignore the others who also want to get their food. Unfortunately, it takes too much time and is too much of a headache for me to deal with incompetence at times. I just take my food, deal with it, and find another gem to go to.

    I want to enjoy every single minute of my lunch hour. So that’s my way of dealing with things. Not everybody is like this of course. Bad meals happen every now and then.

  • @casadelun

    To be quite honest, the alleged victim of this terrible salad should have asked for the manager if that sad salad was the case.

    This post would be more justified if they had complained and the manager bascially told them to ‘F**k off.’ THAT’S a better reason for bitching about some expensive, sad ass salad you bought. Not because you send your co-worker on an errand and didn’t get what you expected. Better ‘air your grievances’ to your co-worker instead.

  • While we are airing of grievanaces I would like to bring up the topic of DocChuck Impersonators on the Food Blogs
    Please, folks, I am getting nearly 150 emails per day concerning what some think are posts made by me, particularly on some of my favorite food blogs such as:

    ‘Hamburger America’, ‘SteamyKitchen’, ‘LunaPierCook’,
    ‘Midtown Lunch’, ‘The Feedbag’ – (Ozersky is sometimes not very smart, but he’s always interesting)
    Most of these blog operators know that the posts are made by imposters such as Serious Eats’ staff members, ‘chiff0nade’, ‘therealchiffonade’, ‘Jerzee Tomato’, and other members of a cult called the CassandraCrossing, but do not have the time to monitor and cull these women’s nonsense.

    In addition to posting as ‘DocChuck’ and hijacking my URL, these women also post as ‘Skip’, ‘MrsDocChuck’, ‘Jo Jo’, ‘JudyG’, ‘Halacious Hanna’, ‘Cass’, ‘Sissy’, ‘Big Martha’, ‘AKA Biggy Fries’, ‘Hogzilla’, ‘Rheumatoid Regina’, ‘Thyphoid Mary’ and scores of other phony handles on blogs on which I comment. Despite their lack of formal education and their abundance of self-described personal problems, they have learned how to play on a computer, grow obese, and collect welfare.

    They have posted at least a dozen phony profiles labeled ‘DocChuck’, ‘MsDocChuck’, and ‘MrsDocChuck’ . . . LOL!

    I don’t have time to answer each individual email about these posts, but you can check the following links for additional information about them:

    None of this is a surprise to my fans. You all know how persecuted a person such as myself can become. Try to keep calm and just do not give these people any of the attention they seek. Thank you my fans for your kind words and emails.

  • There’s nothing wrong with eating salad, there’s nothing wrong with liking salad, and there isn’t even anything wrong with blogging about salad. But I really like THIS blog, and THIS blog is manifestly not about salad. The argument that some ML readers may find the information useful is weak. Should ML also blog about fancy prix fixe lunches? Certainly some ML readers would find that useful, too.

    Someone else can (and probably should) start their own blog called Midtown Deli, where people like Goats and moze (and even on occasion, me) can wax poetic about where to find the best deals on standard Midtown soups, salads, and sandwiches.

    As hinted at in his post (“hopefully this is lesson learned for everyone”), I’m guessing/hoping that Zach chose to make this post just so he could do some salad-bashing.

  • DocChuck handed over 6.37 for me, and has half-filled me many times with something limp and/or green

  • I always thought that ML was open to all midtown lunch spots, and even the occasional generic deli/salad bar, happy hr haunt (stop following me mamacita) and outside ML range spot. At times, generic cuisine naturally gets caught up in ML , especially if there is a really good generic deal, or a generic place particularly sucks donkeyballs. I like to hear about all grievances for midtown food establishments, and if I didn’t, I would keep my mouth shut about the occasional post that strayed away from What I believed was proper, since other readers may find value in the post. If this was “dan l’s personal blog for food places he endorses,” rest assured you, Dan L, would be the only person who read it. Thus, in the future, if there is an occasional post that does not suit your palate, here’s an idea—SKIP IT and move on. Ranting like you did is totally NOT COOL. Don’t be a hater Dan L.

  • And the Moral issssss…

    Don’t eat Salad.

  • This is why all of my lunch salads have a very large chunk of something that used to be alive atop them. Those you pick it , we toss it’s are for tossers..

  • obviously youre going to overpay for a salad in a place like that. if you want a salad in the city i think the best deals are always going to be at random generic delis. that being said, i think the pic showing only half a salad is what happens when you put dressing on a salad. it shrinks up a bit.

  • Team-

    Please disregard the last post by DocChuck. I think we all know that with his 3 Phds from barely accredited universities that he must, at least, be able to write with proper grammar.

    “You all know how persecuted a person such as myself can become…”

    The real DocChuck must know that myself is a reflexive pronoun that should only be used after I in a sentence.

  • Goats, you are correct that this is Zach’s blog, not mine. But you are sorely mistaken about the intended purpose of this blog, as stated by Zach, not me.

    Some choice excerpts from About ML:

    “To me, lunch hour is sacred- and I’m not going to waste it in some generic Midtown deli.”

    “This site will hopefully be a place for you to find the gems in a sea of duds (and there are alot of those).”

    “I’m a big fan of ethnic food (did I mention my love of Chinese buffets?), and not such a big fan of the salad by the pound places… so if you are looking for a new salad place that gives you 7 options instead of 6, you will probably not find it here (unless it’s a salad bar/Chinese buffet place).”

    I would like to think that I’m part of the core audience for this blog, but judging by the other comments here, I must not be.

  • He has fans, he has small portable fans the kind that stand on the floor and spin like most obese people have. Even in the winter.

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