Free Sample Alert: Hot Chocolate & Krokets at Danku

When I walked by Danku, the Dutch/Indonesian chain on 57th btw. 5+6th earlier today, there was a guy outside handing out free samples of hot chocolate. He told me he’s out there all day, and also hands out bites of their krokets- so if you’ve been interested, and work in the area it may be worth swinging by. The early reviews of this place have ranged from “excellent” (I only saw that once, and based on my experience is highly suspect) to “just ok” to “bland” to “gross”. I did, however, notice one change from my first visit on the day they opened… the noodles they are serving are completely different from the (terrible) ones I tried, and they now come topped with what looks like fried garlic (an authentic Indonesian touch.) All the combos also now come with shrimp crackers, another welcomed improvement. You have to hand it to them… at least they’re trying. I think I’ve given them enough time to sort things out, so a full +/- might be coming soon.


  • Here’s a good question: What would people like to see in that space when they eventually go out of business?

    I vote for Baja Fresh.

  • I vote for Arby’s!!!! Or Fuddruckers! or dareisay, Carl’s Jr or In and Out!!!! God knows we need more GOOD fast food in this City! Not some place who makes nasty fried critters with mushy grossness inside. Danku gets my vote for biggest disappointment of the last few months…If they were giving their food away for free, I still wouldn’t eat it! BOO DANKU!!! BOO!!!!!

  • I walk past Danku every night. I’ve almost always seen someone handing out “free samples” at night. Two of the three times I went there was at night (prior to heading to Judge Roy Bean, I’m telling you these things are glorified bar food), and they were giving out free samples on the countertop (I think its how they deal with their excess stuff from the daytime).

    Once I past during lunch and they were giving free shots of chicken curry.

    I’ll totally eat at danku again, as soon as I give up my new years resolution to stop drinking after work and eating bar snacks (in 5… 4… 3…)

  • If you drink the hot chocolate, do you have to then eat a “snot-ket”. As much as I love fried everything, I just can’t stomach those things.

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