Rameniac’s Best of List Includes 3 Midtown Lunches

The blog Rameniac has released their list of the best ramen from coast to coast, and 3 of the top 10 ramens in New York City are Midtown Lunches: Sapporo (6), Men Kui Tei (8), and Menchanko-Tei (10). While the┬ásite has some nostalgic words of kindness for Sapporo, they are less than enthusiastic about Men Kui Tei and Menchanko-Tei, which, despite being the lowest on the list, was voted best Ramen in the Midtown Lunch Readers’ poll. I guess there is no accounting for taste… [via Serious Eats: New York]


  • mmm… sapporo ramen with corn…

  • Wow for deigning to include it on their list, they really slam Men Kui Tei.

    I generally agree with their list order, although not all of the commentary. Meh, I’d probably put Ippudo above Setagaya too.

  • I’ve been on a ramen kick lately and just had the tan tan men at Sapporo. Not as good as the SS, but nice for a change.

  • I like Menchanko. I love that Sapporo puts corn in their ramen, but Menchanko has a better flavored broth.

  • I am going to have to agree to disagree with this fucking blog on almost all counts.

    Menchanko Tei totally schools Sapporo: better noodles, richer broths, fresher ingredients. And I happen to particularly dig on the Hakata Ramen (very simple, very awesome, and the pickled ginger always brightens up my otherwise cranky and miserable existence).

    Despite their general suckiness, I will admit that Sapporo’s Mabo Ramen totally kicks ass. It’s pretty much the only thing I order there anymore, since the quality has taken a real nosedive in the past 12 months. I’m pretty sure they’ve dealt with their economic woes by scaling back on the quality & quantity of the meats that go into their soups, which blows, in my professional opinion.

  • Men Kui Tei’s gyoza (at least the ones in midtown) are not frozen, and they’re friggin’ delicious.

  • I’m pitching in my 0.2 cents too late here most likely, but as someone who regularly does ramen tastings with friends, I have to back up all of the people who say Sapporo aint all that. After all the hype, I finally went and was utterly underwhelmed. I’ll try the mabo, but Menchanko-Tei is the best of the list above. P.S. It was closed for renovations last week (4/22)

  • i would have to concur that ramen setagaya is overall the better place. ippudo’s broth is richer, but setagaya was the best in value. i’m sorry but rai rai ken is disgusting. its not even run by japanese.

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