Bobby Flay vs. Dessert Truck Throwdown Airs Weds

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The day of reckoning has arrived, and we finally get to see (officially) who won the Throwdown between Bobby Flay and the Dessert Truck last October. The episode airs on Wednesday night (1/14) at 9pm EST on the Food Network, and here is the description (courtesy of my Time Warner Cable Guide): “Chocolate Bread Pudding: Bobby surprises two entrepreneur chefs that sell five star desserts out of a truck.”

Sadly the Dessert Truck is on hiatus until the end of January, so you may want to just DVR the show and wait until they come back to watch it.  There is nothing worse than having a serious cravings for something that you can’t have.

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  • Hook a sister up Zach, put in a good word for me and Blondie with the Asian Hottie… eerr I mean the Dessert Truck guy.

  • they’re both asian…

  • The guy with the hair. I don’t do shaved heads.

  • Girlie


  • Hook a brother up Zach, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good tart.

  • The one with the hair was the one who smiled at me when I butchered bomboloni.

  • Food Network sucks ballz. They couldn’t wait until the Dessert Truck is back in operation to air this?? What a fucking waste of good publicity for these saints of midtown.

  • OH! Brondie got a smile from him??!! Girl you need to get up in that shit. That boy will bake for you!!!!!!

    Unless he’s gay, in that case Tom can have him. :-P

  • I really don’t like Flay….I remember one time he was doing a barbecue with another chef…and he acted like such a jerk….he ignored the guy the entire segment.

  • Abrain, yeah I had a friend that was in culinary school and cooked with Flay during a charity event. He thought he was a prick. Who knows.

  • Full power both, Mr.Zulu.

  • I think it’s the bald-headed guy who’s the pastry chef. You might have to rethink your options ;)

  • Mr Shaved Head, Jerome, is the chef. Mr Spikey, Chris, is his partner.

  • What a plug for Midtown Lunch in the episode. Go Zach!

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