Free Metrocard Alert

Eater is reporting that Dunkin’ Donuts will be handing out free Metrocards on Monday morning (1/12) from 6:30am to 9:30am at the subway station on Lexington on 53rd.  Don’t work near there?  They’ll be doing the same thing at Grand Central on 1/26, and the Times Square/42nd Street station on 2/2. Is $2 worth it?  In this economy… hell yeah!  (If you’re going to be there already…)


  • It seems like since you went full time, it’s been getting weaker and weaker. 99% of your readers have monthlies. I hope DD is atleast paying you to promote.

  • I live and work within blocks of Grand Central and appreciate the tip very much. Thanks!!

  • Screw that! Full time Zach is a step up from Zach with other employment obligations!

  • i don’t have a monthly. if i didn’t force myself to walk everywhere, i’d be a fat ass.

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