Midtown Links (The ‘How Do You Say Sucks in French?’ Edition)


  • man i need to go eat some krokets too…

    and abt that rant, if that person in nashville would just blog about Waffle House, she’d get viewers. Blogging about who you see at WH would be the same as that blog in NY that just tells you who eats lunch at Michaels everyday.

  • I was laughing at that rant, I almost didn’t click over cuz the title was “I hate food bloggers” and I was going to comment, “Why are you giving traffic to some idjit who says they hate food bloggers and probably doesn’t read any food blogs to begin with…?” but then I read it and realized she specifically talks about you. Oh well and then I read it and got really upset because she says to go to Sonic because there’s 100million in your neighborhood and I thought “Who is she talking about, there are no Sonics where I’ve ever been, and I could really use one of those custom sodas they advert on TV!!!” Sigh. Why are there no Sonics in NYC? Or Dairy Queens. I wish we had more of those yummy chains.

  • Wow that was a totally random and illogical attack.. how does food blogging = death of family…. Zach, you come across as a nice, down to earth guy with a passion for life and food…

    that “View in Blue” blogger sounds like a “cat-lady” who’s upset cos Prince Mittens XI didn’t like his Iams today

  • Does that chick not realize that if you’re successful at blogging you can work from home and make babies with your wife, as evidenced by the cuteness that is Harry. IMHO, if she has enough time to spew hate onto the internet, she has too much time on her hands.

  • The crazy cat lady missed the point that this blog is called mid-town LUNCH… doesn’t seem that there would be too many opportunites for sit-down family meals during that 30 seconds to 15 minutes most of us take for lunch…

    way to go Larry-Superman’s mommy..

  • She should look into the “streisand effect”. Nothing creates more attention by trying to not attract any attention.

    I’m willing to bet you that 25% of the people who even see that article (all 4 of them) will become a faithful viewer of midtownlunch.

  • Ed Levine just lost a lot of credibility in my book. Moshe’s Falafel the best? Maybe if you prefer the taste of stale Wonderbread crusts over fresh chickpeas with seasoning.
    Any falafel joint that doesn’t even offer hummus should be off limits for top honors.

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