2008 Readers’ Poll: Best Mexican Food

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll. Between now and the end of the year I’ll be asking all of you to decide on the best Midtown Lunches in a whole range of categories. You can only vote once per category (so choose wisely), and official results will be posted after the new year.

There was a time when asking for good Mexican food in Midtown would elicit a big laugh from anybody who knows anything about food. And while it hurts me to include a few of these options in a category called “Mexican Food”, I know they all have their fans- so I won’t discriminate. Also, I know a lot of you are happy to travel to Tehuitzingo for tacos, but 10th Ave. is just a little too far out of bounds… so I’m going to leave them off (and give the others a fighting chance of winning!)  So here they are- the nominees for Best Mexican Food in Midtown.

Vote for your favorite Midtown Lunches in these other categories:
Best Fast Food Hamburger
Best Korean Fast Food
Best Falafel
Best Indian Fast Food
Best Cheap Chinese Fast Food
Best Latin Food
Best Midtown Sweets
Best Chicken/Lamb Over Rice Cart
Best Japanese Fast Food


  • Given the love Chipotle gets on here I’m guessing they’re leading because 1) there aren’t that many votes yet; or, 2) they give away free burritos every month.

  • No…it’s because their food is fresh and excellent. I was shocked that Burrito Box on 9th and 57th wasn’t on the list…

  • Chipotle?! You people need to turn in your crack pipes.

  • porque no La Paloma?

  • What in Gaaaad’s name are Chipotle and Qdoba doing here? What’s next? Subway 4 best sandwich?

  • While I agree with Nosh (admission: I had three free burritos this month; probably 6 if you count the ones I buy after the gym), and like Zach have no physical ability to ever swear-off chain foods, their inclusion in the poll certainly seems to violate a sacred principal of this site.

  • I had to cheat, but Chipotle is no longer first.

  • The only barrier to inclusion (besides location and price) is whether or not something will get votes. If I hadn’t included them, people would have said “What about Chipotle?” Nobody said “Where’s McDonald’s???” in the best burger poll… but if I hadn’t included Chipotle, people would have complained. In the end the voters will decide…

  • i’m guessin’ people are voting based on what they’ve tried…chipotle and qdoba are mainstream and widely known….pampano taqueria and el rey del sabor are definitely better, but not national chains. that’s the beauty of midtown lunch…people start to learn about the quality places that fly under the radar.

  • Big holler for Tamale Lady, has anyone told her that she’s a minor internet celebrity?

  • I love tacos more than Midtown Lunch. Anybody wanna start a Midtown Taco Club (not to be confused with Taco Bell’s Club Taco)?

  • I think the fact that Chipotle and Qdoba need to be mentioned on this poll says a lot about the sorry state of Mexican food affairs of not only in Midtown, but in New York in general.

  • It’s going to be, Best Peruvian Food?

  • where’s benny’s burritos? easily the best burritos/nachos in town.

  • If Chipotle and Qdoba are contenders, you might as well include the Taco Bell Express just up the block from Pampano…

  • Where is Mi Nidito on the list. Chipotle and Qdoba shouldn’t even be contenders!

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