Ask Midtown Lunch: Have A Holly Tamale X-Mas


Got this question today from “Lunch’er Miguel”:

“Since it is Christmas time, and I am Mexican, I am dying to buy a bunch of tamales from the tamale lady in front of the Mexican Embassy(on 39th btw. Mad+Park). But I just realized I haven’t been since early this year. She still around? Also, any idea if she sells by the dozen or is that asking too much?”

Coincidentally enough, I walked by the “Tamale Lady” in front of the Mexican Embassy this past Wednesday and have some pork tamal proof that she is still there (shown above). $1.50 and it was even better than I remembered from last time (with a huge chunk of slightly spicy pulled pork in the middle.) I’m not sure if she’ll sell in bulk, but I can’t imagine she wouldn’t if you set it up with her beforehand (I’m assuming you speak Spanish, which will be very helpful.) If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest hitting up any of the other places in Midtown that have tamales. Anybody done this before?  Or know a good bulk tamales option in Midtown (or farther afield?)

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  • Miguel, I feel ya. Around this time at home all the ladies in my family would be preparing literally dozens and dozens of tamales for Christmas. I usually put them together and my mom made the fillings. Damn I’m hungry!!

    Back tot he question: sunset park/ bay ridge in Brooklyn. An easy trip on the D line. In particular, Lopez Bakery comes to mind.

  • Did we ever get proof that she sells just cheese ones.. with no meat in ‘em ?

  • There is a Mexican deli/bakery on 9th Avenue and maybe 48th or 49th that sells great tamales on certain days of the week (I think Wed. and Sat.). They are filled with either spicy chicken, not spicy chicken or chicken in mole sauce. I think they have pork sometimes too. Their sweet breads are not bad either.

  • The deli ZDK is referring to is Leon Bakery. They sell tamales in the back on Saturdays for cheap.

  • There is a great place for tamales in Astoria. Take the NW to 30th Ave. I have to get back to you on the address. I think the place is Original Mexican Grocery on 30-11 29th St.

    Another place in Queens: take the 7 to 82nd St-Jackson Heights. Walk down the subway stairs and there will be a woman selling amazing tamales out of a supermarket shopping cart right near the foot of the stairs on 82nd.

  • Two ladies sell tamales between 44th and 48th st. [they set up shop around 44th, and slowly move north], and 2nd avenue from around 8.30 am. I see them every morning as I walk up 2nd ave. They seem to be popular amongst workers that work around that area.

  • You know, they don’t stack up to fresh tamales, but Target’s frozen food section has some pretty tasty tamales from their Archer Farms store brand. Beef and cheese or chilis and cheese. No bad ingredients and the taste is up there!

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