Free Burrito Reminder

Don’t forget, there are free burritos today from 11am to 6pm at the newest Chipotle- opening on Madison Ave. and 39th Street.


  • isn’t it tomorrow? ie thursday?

  • Official “grand opening” is tomorrow… free burrito day is today

  • awesome, thanks!

  • the line is kind of ridiculous right now. particularly while waiting in the rain.

  • Awesome. Got there right about 11 and was out by 11:20. Line goes fast, but I was right at the back of the store for a 20 min wait. So if you are at the mcDs street corner, it will be about 40 min. So you can estimate.

  • if its raining Id rather get a sandwich at Pret

  • I hear the lines going around the block. Anyone care to confirm? Deny?

  • it did, but it is a short block. about 30 minutes all said and done.

  • It wasn’t too bad. Just a 40 minute wait. I assume it’s going to be worse later though.

  • I went about 11:15. The wait was unusually long for a non-prime lunch time. About 40 minutes. Odd thing was they had no chips and salsa/guac available like they normally do on freebie day.

  • walked past about 3P, about 5mins after the hard rain really started. line was still out the door, about halfway down the block, and it still looked crowded inside. i got a salad instead.

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