Airing of Grievances: I Am A Self Centered Fatso

Usually these posts are reserved for complaints about lunch spots, but just to show I am a good sport who is not immune to criticism- here’s a complaint I received yesterday in regards to my I’m-a-fat-guy-who-hates-health-food post about Recharge, the health food lunch spot opening where Good Portions used to be:

“People (like me and a lot of others) who have moderately high blood sugar levels must watch their carbs and sugar intake, lest they become diabetic. And diabetics are even worse off. Not to mention that a diet rich in carbohydrates and unrefined sugars is just simply bad for you, I’m talking about specific, necessary restrictions that are very common.

It’s not a goddamn fad, if you can get that through your wide-bodied veil of self-centrism. Some people who eat healthy food aren’t born to hippie parents and hate the taste of hamburgers, some people have no choice. And it’s fucking hard enough to find something to eat that is reasonably inexpensive, relatively tasty, and not packed with carbs/sugar, without rotund blowhards bloviating on the internet about how inconvenienced they are by one out of thousands of restaurants in NYC to offer a few menu choices that allow people with dietary restrictions to eat something that isn’t miserable or unaffordable. I’ve never heard of this place, but I assure you, you have plenty of food options available to your gaping maw.”

And then it gets personal

“By the way, I got my blood sugar levels high by eating like you do (poorly and a lot) for about 30 years. So when your doctor lets you know you are giving yourself diabetes, maybe you will be a little bit less smug about how goddamn inconvenient it is that other people might have the opportunity to eat something that won’t actively and directly impact their health in the short term.

You sound like a rich guy complaining about how poor people don’t pay enough taxes. In other words, you sound like a clueless asshole. Thought you might want to know that. – Matt”

I eat a healthy and balanced meal for breakfast and dinner.  Does that make up for it?  I don’t even know where to begin with this…  maybe I’ll just leave it to you guys.

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  • This is What happens When Angela and Mr Peter Lusk(from the Zen burger Review) have kids.

  • O no he di’ in’t!

  • WTF?!?!?! I think someone’s blood sugar is getting a little low.

    This guy sounds like he just quit smoking and now everyone who smokes is the devil!

  • Awww, I feel obligated to defend Matt, but then again I only eat healthy b/c I am trying to stay skinny so I can land a man, so my healthy eating is self-centric. And you know… people in glass houses shouldn’t throw cheeseburgers. That’s what Jesus said… or something. So back to those tater tots with guacamole….

  • …ahhh sarah….such fond memories….ahhhhhh

  • It’s a free country. If you don’t like the blog, don’t read it. I’m sure there is something in the blogosphere about healthy eating in NYC, or if not, maybe he should start it. People need to relax…

  • Well siad, hungry.

    Let’s lynch a Vegan.

  • You’ve reviewed at least one high quality health food store. It’s Whole Foods. Whole Foods is absolutely fantastic for lunch. The food is just plain good.

    I read your post about Recharge and I was somewhat turned off myself. There’s a lot of good stuff in the organic joints. And I’m not some sort of vegan. I’ll take Street Meat, or Goodburger, or pizza for lunch. So yes, please give the healthier places a shot. You might find something special.

  • He’s not upset he has high blood sugar, he’s a jealous fatty who dreams about Treats Truck and Kwik Meal at night.

  • I love the line towards the end stating that Zach sounds “like a rich guy complaining about how poor people don’t pay enough taxes.” Does the complainer not know that this site is all about lunches that cost $10 or less? Seems to me that the kvetcher could use a shot of insulin.

  • Matt was never quite the same after that encounter with the tranny hooker

  • He used DocChuck like prose. Just keep blogging w/ your Hater Blockers on, ha ha.

  • What an asshole.

  • I come to Midtown Lunch to read about interesting Midtown lunch spots, not about the guy who writes this website. Usually, I get what I’m looking for.

    This blog frequently “reviews” lunch spots, and a certain level of opinion has to be expected with it, even if Zach’s personal asides occasionally stray from the point.

    In the end, when bashing places like Recharge or reminding us for the not-first time that you are obese and do not like certain things, perhaps it would be wise to consider whether it’s really contributing to your ultimate goal: finding good lunch spots for yourself and for us, your readers. Doing so might make an already great blog even better.

  • That entire commentary CRACKED me up. I have nothing to say, just it was all too funny! Sorry it was toward you but this guy is angry, I love it.

  • now brian is getting fierce.. what’s going on here?

    zach, i appreciate the little asides, keep up the good work

  • Everyone deep down inside wants to eat like shit.

  • As he was posting, Brian remembered my tranny comment and suddenly realized that his ‘girlfriend’ has an unusually pronounced Adam’s apple

  • it’s because hatred of fat people is the last acceptable prejudice.

  • Zach, you keep right on doing what you’ve been doing. You’re a gem. My dear hubby used to be a film critic who would write in a personal conversational manner much like your own. He got freakin death threats! About a movie review! So brush off the comments by mean old idiots like Matt and Brian.
    We love ya, Zach!

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