‘wichcraft Introduces Coffee Happy Hour

From 3-6pm every day all coffee drinks at ‘wichcraft will be half price. For some unknown reason, this new “Happy Hour” is only available in the stores, but not at the kiosks (like the locations in Bryant Park and Herald/Greeley Square.) At first I thought maybe it was because of the tourists in Bryant Park and near Macy’s, but the Rock Center location is considered a “store” and that place is crawling with out of towners. (It makes me shudder just thinking about it.) For a store location near your office, check out this map. [via Serious Eats: New York]


  • They are indeed half-price at the Rock Center location, and you don’t even have to ask. It just rings up automatically. The downside is their coffee is a little expensive to begin with.

  • Only at stores because the special induces you to come in to the store, where you can buy lots more edibles.

  • The specials will induce me to come into the store, get some reasonably-priced decent coffee, and leave. ;^) Not a huge fan of wichcraft but there’s one right by my home, so it’s a new afternoon coffee option for me. Thanks for the heads-up!

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