Madison Sq. Park Shake Shack Now Takes Phone Orders

Serious Eats: New York is reporting that the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is now taking phone orders with a credit card payment. With this new development, the Shack takes one more step closer to being a legitimate Midtown Lunch’ing option- in other words, making it there and back in under and hour is now completely do-able. (Plus there are heat lamps while you wait…) If you want to try it, the number is 212-889-6600.


  • it would be even more viable if it was actually in bryant park and not madison park–no?

  • Shake Shack in Bryant Park, are you sure about that?

  • I presume you mean *Madison Square Park* ? You had me *REALLY* excited for a second.

  • what a d*ck tease. =(

  • Listen people… I never claimed to be a bright man.

    It’s fixed. (I’m retarded.)

  • Bryant Park has ‘wichcraft…superior to Shake Shack any day.

  • I called in my order today at 2pm and it was great. Alex the order taker, even asks when you are coming to pick your order up. I’m sure it’s so your stuff doesn’t sit around too long. Granted the line was pretty short today, but it seems the new phone-in system works.

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