Free Food Alert: Old Bridge Deli Gives Back

From an email tipster: “Free food at Old Bridge today! Free coffee and a buttered roll until 10am and then FREE SOUP and premade sandwiches at lunch!” Clearly the OBD is following the U.S. economic strategy.  What do you do when you have racked up a ton of debt?  Free giveaway for everyone!!! Enjoy freeloaders… the deli is on Lexington and 41st Street.

Update: Another tipster just emailed to let us know that you can get a bagel, instead of a roll this morning. And you have the option of one small hot buffet item instead of the premade sandwiches from Noon to 2pm.


  • Is the rolly wrap machine back? That’s the only reason to go.

  • just got back. just walk in, fill up a small container with as much of whatever you want, mix and match. they bag it for you and you walk out. not bad, if only it was warmer!

  • Double baked potato, green beans, mac&cheese, teriyaki chicken and beef tips=what I fit in my container.

    Yum. Tastes even better cuz it’s free.

  • I’m putting that container to the limit.

  • Is it a free SOUP AND SANDWICH OR SMALL BUFFET ITEM? Or is it ONE of the following three for free?

  • No its just the small containers. The place is flippin MOBBED. So its take your chances. I grabbed salad, couscous, and broccoli rabe before the claustrophobia got the best of me. Freeloader central, lemme tell ya!

  • yum. no way of tracking me so i hit up this place 3x. lunches for the rest of the week in the company fridge. love it.

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