Your First Real Look at City Burger’s Black Label Burger

Danny (from the blog Food in Mouth) went to City Burger and got them
to serve him their new black label burger (even though technically it
doesn’t debut until tomorrow.) He forwarded the picture along and had
this to say in the comments:

"I think there are a variety of ways to look at this burger. From the
Midtown Lunch perspective of a $10 lunch… I would guess a $13
cheeseburger is not for everyone."

"From a cheeseburger to cheeseburger comparison perspective, this is
definitely worth trying. Yes it’s an expensive take-out burger but it
tastes different. I can’t tell you if it lives up to this black label
hype, but it definitely has a completely different taste. If you’re
really into trying the various burgers in this city, you owe it to
yourself to at least try this one. I think of those that do, many will
come away with a kinder impression of City Burger.

With all that said, there was no line when I went, so the criticism of
the service may still stand."

Good first impression…especially coming from Danny, who got to try
the burger as a regular customer, rather than at a special tasting for
reporters. (He clearly didn’t mention to them that he was a blogger,
or else they probably wouldn’t have served him a day early.)


  • looks tiny for $13

  • That’s what she said

    (mamacita no doubt)

  • Looks like they shot putted it to him..

  • To para-phrase Gordon Ramsey….looks like yankee doodle bollocks.

  • Who has this burger been with? Anyone else notice the smeared lipstick. Hehehe…

  • This sounds like a very weak/crappy first impression to me. From the second-hand report, there was no reaction that it was a “great” burger or really tasty” or “delicious” or anything like that. Just lukewarm remarks like “well, it costs $13 but it’s worth trying because it tastes ‘different’”? C’mon, sounds like a failure to me, if that’s the best that Danny could say about it!!! Personally, I think I’ll save my $13 and stick with the Shake Shack right around the corner. No lines in cold weather because all the wweenies eat indoors. ;^)

    BTW, almost off-topic but burger-related: Flew to DC National Airport today on the US Air shuttle, and right where you get off there’s a Five Guys! That’s a pretty tasty burger (with shrooms and fried onions), and only $5 for the (double) cheeseburger. So time your shuttle flights there for mealtime.

  • @moze,

    You bring up a good point. I think the main difference about the burger is that it tastes different. You smell it and it’s just unlike any other burger that’s out there. They say the black label uses aged meat and you can definitely taste the difference.

    Is it worth $8 dollars on top of the shack burger? Maybe not every time. It comes down to whether you want to try a burger made with aged meat.

    Was it juicy? Yes.
    Was it tasty? Yes.

    Am I sure EVERYONE would love the aged flavor? I’m not so sure.

  • Interesting. And thanks for the clarification. I still want to know, bottom line: was it DELICIOUS??? ;^)

  • only you can determine that for yourself, moze! after i ate it, i wanted another, but not for another $13 ;)

  • Thanks Danny. Didn’t realized it was aged meat. We tried it yesterday as well and I’ve been trying to figure out what made it different– that would be it. I’m going back today for a second trial. It’s missing something though– maybe a little char. They need those paint scrapers the Shack uses.

  • Moze, your flying on the US Air shuttle??? Do you need a personal assistant?

  • 13 bucks for a take out cheeseburger is definitely pricey. I think the whole dry aged component is interesting, but is it worth 11-13 bucks? It’s not like the whole burger is made with the dry aged stuff.

  • Just had the black label burger (and still working on my onion rings).

    The meat is fantastic–absolutely delicious, very juicy, clearly a cut above.
    Needs more char…griddle not hot enough?
    Maybe could use a little more salt.
    It’s not huge. You could augment with toppings (mine was totally naked) but you might obscure the beef.

    Not crowded at 12 on the dot but pretty decent line at 12:15.

    By the way, onion rings are pretty good if a little over-battered. Tough to give those a fair review given that they spent 10 minutes in a bag on the way back to the office…

  • @Mama: I might next time. Magazines and a 5 Guys burger are on me! Oh yeah, there’s a brewpub right next to the 5 Guys at national, so I’ll throw in a big beer to wash it down (the burger, not the magazines!).

  • How am I not surprised that New Yawkers would be tricked into paying $13 for a fgreasy, fast food cheeseburger?

    It’s no wonder so many of you nitwits are in dire straights from a personal finance perspective. Not I, as you know. In contrast to your ridiculous spending habits, my wife and I have been able to save money, invest wisely and want for absolutely nothing.

  • By the way, I have updated my MYSPACE page. You might be interested in some of my new photos (particularly of the lavish Trapp Family Lodge where we spend our Thanksgiving lolling in the lap of luxury). BTW my fly fishing equipment is purchased at Orvis and at Orvis only. As I have said, we want for nothing.

  • Yo Doc,

    You seem to be all about the self-promotion, why haven’t you become a featured MLer yet? Everyone else seems to be using it as a billboard of late.

    A man of such refinement and distinction surely could teach a thing or two to us peons, scoundrel and rogues. There must be other choices apart from street meat and cheap Chinese.

    Or have you ever been in midtown?

  • Re: Chucky , he’s a Bankrupt and has been banned from ANY internet use with Arkansas(they have ‘puters there????).

    He also married a pig that he taught to walk upright.

    They live in a ’73 VW van and gain access to the net on their pikey travels by stopping when they find an unsecured wifi connection.

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