Another Free Burrito Alert (Minus the Music)

1:15 PM, Chipotle Midtown NYCGrub Street reports that the final new Chipotle opening in 2008 will be on Madison and 39th, on December 11th- and they’ll be celebrating old school style on December 10th with free burritos from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.  6 p.m. No acoustic bands, no Halloween costumes, and no charity tie-in… just free food, given away to hoardes of freeloaders, just like the old days.  I’m down with that.


  • i think you mean they will celebrate on December 10th not November…

  • @naum – Yeah, for sure. I just fixed it. Thanks!

  • Is a free Chipotle Burrito REALLY worth the INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS line that will form? I mean, the line at these places are usually mildly ridiculous for random days…

  • Actually, I had the free burrito on Tuesday (around 5:30 or so) and the line was not that long. It didn’t go out the door, and it moved fast. It was comparable to waiting for lunch at any busy place in Midtown. I also partook of the free Crumbs cupcake and the free Godiva truffle, and neither of those lines were onerous either. I think people like Lou just get scared off by the idea of lines.

    I would never go out of my way to go to Chipotle, but their stuff is not bad at all. And when it’s free, it’s absolutely delicious. Chipotle is like a GMD. I don’t think MidtownLunch maligns them because they’re awful or anything; they’re just not worth discussing. Am I right about this, Zach? (Aside: But I don’t understand why there seem to be randomly chosen chain restaurant locations on the ML map.)

  • If I remember correctly, the last free burrito was from 5-8 pm… I just expect lunch hour line to be much more chaotic… but im not scared off by it. Just not sure it’s worth usuing my whole lunch break waiting.

  • It’s not opening today. They are still doing construction work.

  • Sarah Hellerman will be there today

  • @Lou: I agree that lunch could be much worse.

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