One Thing I Am Incredibly Thankful For

They were already sold out by the time I got there today (Weds) at 2:30, but I was told by the ladies behind the counter that the roasted meats have returned to Ying Du (on 38th btw. 7+8th).  Hallelujah… praise the lard… thank you baby jeebus… and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  • Hi,

    Is there any place open in the city tommorrow? I have nothing to do or be with anyone….so instead of being bored out of my mind….was hoping maybe something might be up….so i could keep my mind off Turkey Day????

    It does not have to be food related. :) Enjoy the holidays.

  • you could go to the movies and eat Chinese aka Jewish Christmas

  • Hallelujah!

    Is there now appropriate warming equipment and a ‘sanitiziable food contact surface?’

    I will be heading there on Monday to find out!

  • I’m thankful for some of the cool people I’ve met on this site, even if I’ve only met some of you once in person. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Holla if you want to do a ML x-mas/holiday happy hour!

  • Twitchy asked me to ask you, Mamacita, if there will there be nuts on the bar at this happy hour?

  • Sold out by 2:30pm? Odd, I won’t believe it till I see it. I’ve been burned too many times.

  • I had the roast pork last wednesday and it just wasnt the same… it was way sweeter than it used to be and I got 5+ pieces of pure fat instead of meat… was kind of disappointed as I was looking forward to the roast meats coming back. I am gonna give the soy sauce chicken…

  • I went last week on Monday and can confirm that the roasted meats are indeed back at Ying Du, and they still cost $5. I went with the roast pork and roast duck combo.

    I agree that the flavor isn’t nearly as good as before the DOH close, and I can only assume that it’s because they were forced to clean everything and remove the years of built-in flavoring.

  • Went today– they have a warming cabinet set up but it’s not in use yet, so it was all pre-sliced in the steam table, and thus was not as good. (it was also 2pm so it had probably been sitting a while.)

    I hope/assume that once they get the warming cabinet set up, that the meat can be sliced to-order and will be fresher, etc.

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