Free Chocolate Alert: Afternoon Truffle Break

Thanks to Lunch’er Carl for alerting us to this one: Godiva will be giving out free truffles at all their participating locations today (11/20) from 1 to 3 pm. In bounds locations for Midtown Lunch are: the Met Life Building (200 Park Ave.), Grand Central Station (Lexington Passage), Times Square (B’way + 41st), Rockefeller Center, Lexington & 50th, 7th Ave & 50th, and the Shops at Columbus Circle. For other locations go to their website.


  • but which true midtown luncher among you can hit each location within a reasonable late lunch break?

  • Hmm is it worth the walk to Fultonish for me…
    NO. But thanks for the heads up :)

  • I went around 1:40, and it ended up being pretty fast. They offer a choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate truffles, but I couldn’t figure out what specifically they each were. Milk was good, I tasted some cinnamon in it. 24 more minutes to get yours!

  • i hit up the ones in rock center and on 52nd between 5th and 6th. the latter only has the dark, wish i knew that before i got dark in rock center as well!

  • i think they said the light one was creme brulee and the dark one was apple crumble.

  • i tried to rise up to the challenge thrown down by dmax, but started late and only succeeded at 5 of the 7, getting shut out at 7th & 50th a couple of minutes before 3 o’clock. different shops had different selections including creme brulée, caramelized apple, black forest, and chocolate soufflé.

  • Damn Niu Yorker! 5 out of 7! Good job.

  • It was tastey. If i was armed with the locations of the others i could’ve maybe hit up 2 more.

  • ok, i got props from mamacita, i can die a happy man . . . ;)

  • Yes, it was true! Thanks for the post, it was a good afternoon break. I got the apple one and it actually tasted like apples…kinda weird, but good.

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