Free Ice Cream Alert (Noon to 2pm Today!)

Just got this message from Dylan’s Candy Bar (just out of bounds on 3rd Ave. & 60th Street): “I just wanted to let you know that Dylan’s Candy Bar will be giving out FREE ice cream scoops Noon-2 to anyone who’d like to watch and cheer on Julia Allison and the NonSociety ladies as they film their first official public Lip Dub, ‘I Want Candy’.”  Midtown Lunch Translation:  “Dylan’s Candy Bar will giving away FREE ice cream scoops Noon to 2 blah blah blah.”  The best part is, you’ll be right across the street from the El Rey Del Sabor Mexican Cart.


  • mother effer. While I love free ice cream… those folks doing those lib dubs are douchey as hell.

    Can we go watch and heckle? Is that wrong?

  • ahhh man, this would have been a great day for some Mexican and then some free ice cream. Bummer that I brought lunch. Damn economy.

  • I love free ice cream, and the ice cream at Dylan’s candy bar.

    However, there’s no way in hell I’m going to endure Julia Allison for either. No way in hell.

  • Seconding Danny’s and Offbalance’s comments

  • Great deal! They’re serving sample cupcakes by the front door and you can choose whichever flavor ice-cream you want. I didn’t watch anything. Just got my ice cream and left. Julia’s prettier in person than in her TONY features.

  • For everyone who loves free ice cream, but didn’t want to “pay the price” today, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list or be our fan on facebook to find out where and when.

  • MAN!!! I was right there and all I did was get a tamale from El Rey. From now on, I’m checking your site right before I leave the dungeon.

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