At Lunch Now: Buffeting With Professionals

Todai, the sushi buffet on 32nd btw. Mad+5th has changed their name to Ubi Umi Ichi Umi and raised their price to $18.95. Super expensive, but I made the exception for two reasons. 1) It’s an all u can eat buffet (fat man like buffets.) And 2) I was invited there by 3 competitve eaters (no joke). Massacre is not a good enough word to describe what is going right now… full report coming tomorrow.


  • Whoa. We want all the details!!!

  • The replacement TODAI! I can’t wait to hear how it is. I didn’t actually go to Todai, but I went to Minado regularly before it turned into TOdai–$13 AUCE at lunch. At least I think it was that cheap. I used to really love Minado. Can’t wait to find out if this place is any better.

  • Todai still shows that location on their Web site and Googling Ubi Umi gives no joy. Do you have that name correct?


  • Today’s video also shows the Todai sign out front. Where did this “Ubi Umi” thing come from?

    And no cameo from Zach in the opening credits. :^(

  • Sorry… it was Ichi Umi.

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