The Department of Health Doesn’t Think You Should Eat at Chipotle


It’s one thing to read about the new Department of Health subway ads online, it’s another thing to be face to face with one while riding the subway today.  A few thoughts I had while staring (sadly) at this sign:

1. If 2000 calories is all most adults should eat daily, I think I’m in big big trouble.
2. In response to the question at the bottom of the sign… I ask myself that every single day, and the answer is always yes.
3. This would seem to be an attack on Chipotle, but according to their posted calorie “ranges” a burrito is only 420-918 calories. I don’t know where the DOH gets their craaaaazy numbers from!
4. Maybe this isn’t Chipotle. Who could afford to get guacamole in their burrito *and* a side of guacamole! Wouldn’t that cost like $17.
5. I’m really glad they didn’t make one of these signs for eating at a Chinese buffet.
6. I don’t think I like these ads. (Ignorance is truly bliss.)


  • Zach, you can run but you can’t hide. Wolfing down 1500+ calorie daily lunches from the midtown trough will eventually catch you….

    Repent, slovenly sinner!

  • this should be created into a reverse ad campaign for a restaurant.. ending with something like “so make it count!” and then advertise their burrito or double cheeseburger.

    And maybe have a photo of Zach with a big smile and thumbs up in the corner.. giving his approval.

    I’ll shoot it.. lets make it happen!

  • 2000 calories is fine for anorexic 12 year-olds, but I don’t think I could handle that.

  • As far as I’m concerned, 2000 calories per day only applies to meals—not when I’m snacking at the fridge late at night, munching on various cold meats and cheeses, chips, frozen candies and ice cream. Everyone knows these foods have 0 calories between midnight and the time I go to bed….whatever ungodly hour that may be.

  • Danny, i’ll sit quiety prodding veggies with foie gras.

    On a stick.

    As they faint….from lettuce intolerance…


  • Check out the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator at : the calorie figure on the sign matches the calories in a chicken burrito with black beans, rice, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole. So at least they have their facts straight.

  • Screw that. I had a double chili cheeseburger with fries for lunch, GO TOMMYS!
    Tonight: homemade chile verde de puerco con frijoles, torillas, salsa made from heirloom tomatillos and a side of nopales. Suck it DOH.

  • Did someone say frijoles? I will gladly bite off your Frijoles.

    (sounds like Mamacita is in LA?)

  • I’ve worked as upper management for a Quick Serve rest.

    Alot of places “trim” their information. It’s regulation to put it up for places that have more than 10 stores… But WHO regulates these numbers?

    Does someone go around collecting samples for the food and bring it to the lab? If I remember correctly 1 item for nutritional data testing is about few hundred dollars.

  • Anyone with working tastebuds doesn’t think you should eat at Chipotle.

  • The one I hate most is the tuna sub vs. roast beef. It says that the roast beef is less calories which is fine but the comparison can’t be corect. The tuna has to have mayo in it to be close to 500 calories and the roast beef would have to have no mayo, but that is not implied anywhere. Misleading ads!

  • I once dabbled in calorie counting with a girlfriend. That was short lived.

  • I won’t put much trust into any of the computed calories at resturants in NYC. All of these estimates are low balling and includes the minimum with respect to additions / condiments (sauces, cheese, etc.). They also assumed controlled standard serving sizes which likely are not followed while servers are preparing your food (when was the last time you saw someone at Chipotle measure out what was going into your burrito). It is a sad but true fact…..a depressing reality for all of us who appreciate both quantity and quality with respect to our food.

  • According to this government site…

    I could eat that burrito and have 1500 calories left to spare if I just go exercise for 45min. Mmmm.. burritos

  • okay actually, I’m going to play devils advocate here, and, being the big hippie I am, think its kind of good to have the cold realities of some of the foods people eat staring them in the face. (And this has nothing to do with me being a vegetarian and more to do with my dangerous love of guacamole) I spent a commute staring at that very ad and kind of had a little reality check about how many calories I’m eating in a day, exercise or no…

  • also, re your point #6, Zach, these new calorie postings have made me realize I am not allowed to have a muffin for breakfast anymore, no matter how hungover I am… sigh…

  • I’m sayin’, to pt #6. Except I don’t eat that stuff anyway. And I believe that many calories, he’s got an extra side of both sour cream and guacamole!
    PS I aim for 1200 calories a day. I usually miss it by a large margin, but that’s my aim, hahahahaha.

  • i will refute this in many ways.

    1. Perhaps skinny little twig women can only intake 2000 calories today, but us macho pig men can generally eat somewhere from 2500-3500 calories per day without gaining weight ( If a 22 year old, 6 foot, 200 pound male is completely inactive, they can still eat 2500 cals. If somewhat active, 2750, if active 3000, and if very active 3500.

    2. As per the chipotle burrito calculator (, my burrito is 888 calories (rice, fajita veggies, hot salsa, cheese).

    3. Assuming I am completely inactive, and I eat my burrito for lunch, still have (2500-888) 1612 cals to burn. Assuming my breakfast is no more than 724 calories, I could actually eat another burrito for dinner and still be at 2500 for the day. If I was somewhat active, I could actually have 3 burritos (888×3=2664) and still have room.

    4. I think their ad should say, “Burritos: For Manly Men, 3 would still not do the job.” or “Burritos: How about Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.”

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