At Lunch Now: Jury Duty Lunch Redux

Today it was my wife that had jury duty, so I hopped on the subway to meet her (any excuse to lunch in Chinatown.) We were going to go to Excellent Pork Chop House, but ended up at NY Noodle Town (on Bowery and Bayard). This place has lost a step over the years, but the price is still right, and the pan fried soy sauce noodles with chicken was pretty… pretty… pretty good.  (Although not as good as tripe from a cart.)


  • Man you missed out on that porkchop Zach!

  • that’s what i’m saying too, you missed out on the pork chops yo.

    and the shaved ice.

  • I got confused and thought you had two comments from the same person, haha. I like the beef stew with broad white noodles from there, but if you’re wearing a white shirt, forget it. Or anything you don’t want sauce/soup on, really. (beef stew ho fun I think it’s called) Oh man, drunk nights partying always ended up here if we had a car :) (if no car, usually at Grey’s Papaya on 3rd… hehe)

  • I live in chinatown, I eat in chinatown…

    That place is one of the most overrated places ever, just because it’s been in zagats or whatever publication doesn’t mean it good.

  • Zach-Nice CYE reference

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