Free Cupcake Confirmation

Somebody from Crumbs corporate office emailed to confirm what the three stores didn’t seem to know about this morning: The Crumbs on Madison Ave. & 52nd ”will be giving away 1,000 cupcakes on Friday November 7th. Thanks!!!” The fun starts at 8 a.m.


  • A thousand is just not enough. Also, Blondie you should check out a cupcake place in Hoboken called Sweet. I tried it yesterday and found them better than Magnolia…I am just curious as to what you would rate it. :)

  • on it. full report in T-minus 40 hours.

  • ONE per person, please! ;^)

  • Wow! You are something else blondie. I just hope my tip meets your standards. :)

  • Hey stevenp, when did you become the cupcake police? Do you work for Crumbs?

  • This whole Alex/Adam schizophrenia makes my head hurt.


  • Stevenp — I would like nothing more than to smash one of my free cupcakes on your head. Be a real man (if you even are one) and tell me how I can identify you at the free cupcake handout. I’ll be there. You can identify me by the person who is taking more than one free sample.

  • ooh. we have an internet bully lurking behind a keyboard! *tremble*

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