Ying Du Reopens Minus Their Roast Pork/Duck Station


Ying Du, on 38th btw. 7+8th, has reopened since being shut by the Department of Health for a second time, but the roast pork and duck station in the front window of the store is gone. They are saying it will be back on Wednesday, but my sense is that is more wishful thinking than guaranteed action. Not sure exactly why it’s gone… it may have something to do with their DOH violations. Ying Du is not nearly as good a lunch option without it- although there was one item on the steam table that caught my eye as a possible replacement…


Pork belly!  The photo is not that great, but you can kind of tell if you look close.  With half fat, half meat in every bite, how can you go wrong?  I haven’t tried it yet (it’s the first time I ever noticed it there, and I had already eaten) but I’m guessing it’s good. (How could it not be, right?)  Either way, let’s hope the roast pork and roast duck are back soon.


  • lunchbox buffet has had porkbelly on their steam tables since forever. It comes with tofu skins, pretty good in my opinion.

  • the pork belly is actually pretty decent… it has been on the table for a while now… that plus the fried shrimp and a side of veggies… how can you go wrong

  • The DOH seems to hate the hanging meats in Chinese restaurants. There is a place in my neighborhood that had the same thing, and the DOH shut them down for it eventually. Now the hanging meats are gone.

  • Yeah, they just need some heat lamps or a hotbox or something to keep the temp above 140F (dangerzone is between 40F and 140F). That and a sanitizable cutting surface (not that those tree-trunk ones can’t be sanitized, rather that the DOH doesn’t recognize those sanitation methods (hot water and a good scrubdown with salt).

  • Just went by today, no meats in the window. I’m giving up.

  • I thought that the wood commonly used for cutting boards is used precisely because it has natural anti-bacterial properties?

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