Murray’s Salami is Open in Grand Central Market

Eater confirms that Murray’s Salami (from the owners of Murray’s Cheese) has opened in the Grand Central Market (enter on Lexington & 43rd).  The good news? I am of the opinion that the more cured meats there are in Midtown, the better.  The bad news? They are prohibited by contract to sell anything premade- like sandwiches. I wonder if this has something to do with the food court downstairs?  However, salami lovers shouldn’t be discouraged.  Since Murray’s Real Salami will be located so close to Corrado Bakery, they’re hoping people will put two and two together (literally).


  • Mmm… guanciale…

  • Need some help on this one. I’m good at eating, not making… any advice on what ingredients/combos to assemble together? I go through this market almost everyday on my way to work, and like any other supermarket, I’m overwhelmed. How would one design a killer sandwich or lunch time meal between a couple of the vendor stations? Honestly, is it possible to do this for just one person?

  • Hi Jeff,
    I happen to be the VP at Murray’s, but I also make a lot of food. It’s true that we’re not allowed to sell premade sandwiches, which is a bummer, but we put together the product list to make it easier for you to do that yourself. There are a dozen meats that we’re slicing every morning and vacuum packing in half pound packages. Plus 4 classic sandwich cheeses. So you can go ham and Emmenthaler–the hole-y kind fo Swiss (needs mustard, I dig the coarse whole grain); turkey and cheddar (cranberry sauce if you’re feeling a Thanksgiving vibe or the Goot Essa sweet mustard which is made by these Amish guys I visited last summer in central PA); or the Italian thing: sopressata, fennel salami (finocchiona) or prosciutto (or all 3) with mozzarella. If it were me I would chop up some cured artichoke hearts and add salt, pepper and olive oil. Okay, and this is my job so I better be excited, but we searched for a long time for zipper vacuum bags, so if you open them you can reseal them, making it, yes, possible to do this for just one person. We hope you’ll come by and chow down. And get some lardo. That stuff is killer. It’s Berkshire pig bakfat cured with rosemary. Spread on bread. Heat. Or don’t heat. It’s porky heaven. Enjoy!

  • My Dearest Liz:

    That is also my wife’s name, if that excites you.

    Although I will NOT eat in New York’s filthy restaurants, I make it a habit to bring home tidbits from Zabar’s, Dean and Deluca and Murray’s cheese whenever I travel to your fine city.

    I will make a point to stop in at Murray’s salami next time I am in New York. I hope you don’t mind if I ask for you personally when I am there. I would very much like you to show me the joys of lardo. I do adore back fat.


    Chuck, PhD

  • Liz…run

    Chucky’s only interest in salami, lardo & backfat are smuggling the first, being called the second and grabbing copious quantities of the third on his porker wife.

  • Chucky, you would love back fat…as you must see acres of it doing that hog of a wife of yours doggy doggy.

  • McBeagle

    I have it on good authority that you are a deliveryman for Dial-A-Matress in the suburban Pittsburgh area.

    And that you do not bathe daily.

    It’s little wonder than you have invented a different online personality for yourself, unimaginative though it may be.


  • It’s so cool that Zach allows DocChuck to steer the *TWITCH* conversation wildly offtopic and onto personal insults over and over again, even at the expense of the reputation of this, his personal blog. He doesn’t care that other blog operators are laughing, questioning his intellect for allowing DocChuck to run ramshackle here instead of doing what everyone else in the right mind is doing – banning him.

    This is Freedom at *TWITCH* it’s best.

    You **rule**, Zach….just say the word and I’ll gladly scramble out of the Doc’s pooper and up your own tailpipe to give you a few *TWITCH* of my best, most soothing twitches.

    The rest of you? I will happily bite your nuts off.

  • omfg. Dial a mattres, leave the last S off for salami. I love this site so much!

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