Tomorrow is Biggest Free Food Day of the Year

Election Day is shaping up to be a freeloaders dream. We’ve already reported about the free Ben & Jerry’s from 5 to 8 p.m. for anybody who votes, and two more chains are getting in on the action.  You will also be able to get a free Krispy Kreme donut and a free tall cup of coffee from Starbucks, all for voting. If only my voting location was inside Penn Station, it would make tomorrow a whole lot easier…


  • zach, your starbucks link going to krispy kreme…

  • Leave that link alone zach. the more i look at krispy kreme, the easier this monday will go.

  • @max – thanks! fixed it…

  • Bribery for voting. I like it. Do these companies not realize we’re in NY? More of the swing state based companies should do things like this (are they? I guess I shouldn’t say that unless I know for sure they aren’t)…

  • Actually, Port Authority is not a bad place for this – there’s Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks on 8th ave & 43rd, plus Krispy Kreme in the PA south building.

  • Do I need to show them proof I voted? My stingy polling place did not even provide me with an “I voted!” sticker. Sad.

  • They should have the Starbucks coffee AT the voting site, because those long lines are going to put everyone to sleep.

  • @anonymous: no proof necessary at the three starbucks locales i visited; just needed to tell them i voted. of course, now i’m totally hopped up . . ..

  • Because Midtown Lunchers are hedonists at heart, know that Babeland is giving away a Maverick Cock Sleeve or a Silver Bullet Vibrator to voters as well! Yum!!
    Just watch out for the melamine in the chocolate body paint!

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