Election Day Free Food May Be Illegal

Gawker has pointed out that the “free stuff if you vote” promotions going on election day might actually be illegal.  Something about bribing people to vote… and imprisonment… blah blah blah. To avoid any legal issues, I’m guessing most of the places will just give you the free stuff whether you voted or not. All I know is, if anybody stands between me and my free doughnut it’s going to get ugly.


  • today the starbucks at 1 penn plaza was not advertising their free tall coffee offer and when I asked about it, the “barista” resigned a weak “yeah” and then only gave me half a tall cup. I guess I’ll go back for my other half later :)

  • Krispy Kreme in Penn is handing out star donuts with red, white, and blue sprinkles. They’re hidden behind the counter, but ask and you shall receive.

  • Two free cups of starbuck coffee and one yummy vanilla ice cream cone from ben & jerrys…even though dunkin donuts coffee is way better….still…a good day was had. :)

  • Three free full small (tall) coffees from Starbucks. I tried the Ben & Jerry’s under Rockefeller Plaza, but they were swamped when I walked by at 6:45.

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