Today’s Free Pret Lunch is Confirmed

This morning in the comments: “I just went over to the new Pret Location at 44th and 3rd. They’ve started giving out flyers for a ‘free lunch’. Good till gone.” Showing up after 1 p.m. without a flier has worked for some in the past, but there’s no guarantee.


  • just went over there and no coupons being handed out

    all the staff (?) are closeted in there having some meeting

  • I know the last one they did, they only gave out coupons from 8:30 to 9:30. Maybe they were done?

  • I got one. Never been there. What’s good for a hungry, growing boy that doesn’t eat salad?

  • Just got back, well I have already eaten. line moved quickly, I don’t remember them giving out chicken and bacon and chicken and avocado before. very nice. besides that, the usual pret opening.

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