Crumbs & Lenny’s Both Continue With Their Expansion


The plywood has officially gone up for the new Crumbs on Broadway btw. 52+53rd that Cupcake Takes the Cake says will open at the end of the year.  They also mention another Crumbs going up on 54th and 3rd Ave.  I honestly can’t see how Midtown can support this crazy cupcake expansion.

And Lenny’s seems to be in the same boat… 


Three more Lenny’s are opening up as well… one in Penn Station (which will be a welcome addition to their horrendous food court), one near Columbus Circle (on 55th and 8th) and one in the Rockefeller Center Concourse… you know, for the people who don’t want to walk a half block outside their building to the Lenny’s on 48th btw. 5+6th.  I do like sandwiches with cole slaw on them… so I guess if it makes the lines shorter, let these places expand themselves to death.  It seems like a good enough time economically…


  • HEY! you stop making fun of my second home! It has Krispy Kreme and a recession special from Nedick’s!! And $3.85 tap beers!!!

  • Last time I was there the tap beers where only $2.50 (24oz) at one of the pizza places, this was before the 2nd Pearl Jam concert at MSG in June

  • i think more spots like lennys should open up near bryant park. don’t these companies know that almost 7k people moved into 1 bryant park and that doesn’t include the new verizon building or all us folk in the grace building.

  • I went to Crumbs today for the first time and it was okay, nothing special. Maybe I got the wrong cupcake? What’s the best thing there?

  • Vegetarianka – The blackout cupcake. Hands-down.

  • btw – the Lenny’s store on 8th and 55th opened about 6 weeks ago. the 2 other stores (penn plaza & rock center) will be open 2nd qtr 2009

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