Get to Know Your Street Vendor: Meru Loves Country Music

I know it’s been almost two weeks since the Vendy Awards, but I totally forgot about this little nugget that I wanted to post.  You remember the “Food Cart Song” video posted in August that gave us a bunch of tongue and cheek tidbits about some of the street food vendors in Midtown (i.e. Amyn from King Tut ebays cabbage patch dolls).  I’m guessing none of those factoids were true, but at the Vendy Awards I read a little bit of info about one of our favorite Midtown street food vendors, Meru from the Biryani Cart.  From the Vendy Award Program:

“When I’m not working, I spend time with our daughter Tasnuva, who is five. I love to listen to country music by Alabama, Willie Nelson, Randy Travis and Kenny Rogers. Lots of people in Bangladesh love Kenny Rogers.”

There is something super awesome about that (and I don’t know why)…


  • Hell yeah, Meru is down with The Gambler!

  • Somebody please take Meru aside and explain to him that he he has greviously omitted the greatest American singer-songwriter of all time.

    I refer, of course, to Mr. Johnny Cash

  • <3

  • I take it my partner in crime did not tell you about the mix tape?

  • “Lots of people in Bangladesh love Kenny Rogers.”

    They know and love him from all the Kenny Rodgers Roasters franchises that were opened in Bangladesh. Beats tandoori by a country mile

  • Lord, I was born a Bengali Ramblin’ Man.

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