Free Kyotofu Samples

It’s just out of the Midtown Lunch boundaries, but if you find yourself eating lunch on 9th Avenue today than Kyotofu (the Japanese dessert bar/bakery/tofu place on 9th btw. 48+49th) will be giving out free samples of some of their new desserts in honor of their one year Annniversary.  Enjoy freeloaders.


  • I walked by, 12:45 maybe. No signs of free cupcakes. There was no free sample tray, no one asking if you wanna try a free sample. It looked like business as usual. And i didn’t wanna perpetuate my Asian stereotype by asking for a free cupcake sample if they didn’t actually have any or just ask for one and then leave.

    did anyone else go and get one?

  • Danny… have I taught you nothing! You must ask… embarassment always takes a backseat to freeloading.

    I stopped by just before you and was treated to a little plastic bag with four miniature Kyotofu treats!

  • I panicked! The lady was like, “can i help you?” And I was all like “hmmm.. you can but only if it’s free…” and it sounded so bad in my head! next time, I will triumph!

  • Yeah, Danny, hasn’t Zach taught you anything. Even I ask questions now, jeez….

  • at around 3:30, there was a sample tray of mini chocolate cupcakes, and i scored the bag of two muffins, two cookies, and a macaron. delicious! thanx, zach for finally getting me over to a place i’ve been meaning to try since they’ve opened.

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