Celebrate Diwali By Going to an Indian Buffet

Today is Diwali, a major holiday celebrated by Indian people of all faiths, and many of the Indian restaurants in Midtown are rolling out the big guns.  Prices will stay the same, but Spice Fusion (on 8th Ave. btw. 47+48th) says their buffet will be “more elaborate” today and Touch of India (on 37th btw. 7+8th) has said they will have special items on their buffet, like biryani. (Sukhadia, on 45th is doing nothing special and Curry Dream didn’t even know it was Diwali.)


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  • DocChuck doesn’t need to be banned. People could just start randomly posting as DocChuck and thus dilute his asshattery.

  • My dearest Fred:

    I sincerely hope you are NOT the “Fred” that is Chiffonade’s grotesquely obese paramour.

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    As for you and Mr. McBeagle, Mamacita, Wayne and the various and sundry others who pollute this fine site with their verbal effluent (including thinly veiled sexual innuendo), I’ll consider your “opinions” when (and only when) you are my intellectual and social equal. A state of being you are unlikely ever to achieve.

    Some of the people here remind me of the type of people my wife encountered when she operated a very successful commercial kennel in northern Arkansas years ago. Those restauranteurs put on all kinds of airs, yet at the end of the day they were uneducated, unrefined boors with nary a dime among them. Sad.

    What is NOT sad is my life/lifestyle. I detail it and my worldview on my My Space page, should that interest you. I’m sure it will cause you to become insanely jealous and, perhaps, even clinically depressed. I can help with the latter, if needed, as I have a PhD in psychology.

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