Celebrate Diwali By Going to an Indian Buffet

Today is Diwali, a major holiday celebrated by Indian people of all faiths, and many of the Indian restaurants in Midtown are rolling out the big guns.  Prices will stay the same, but Spice Fusion (on 8th Ave. btw. 47+48th) says their buffet will be “more elaborate” today and Touch of India (on 37th btw. 7+8th) has said they will have special items on their buffet, like biryani. (Sukhadia, on 45th is doing nothing special and Curry Dream didn’t even know it was Diwali.)


  • Is Meru going to do anything special?

  • Where’s the Tuesday freak?

  • Curry Dream didn’t know? Bizarre. Even yahoo knew, they have a diwali banner on their home page.

  • I fail at being Indian. I totally didn’t know it was Diwali today. Whoops. Good thing I came to Midtown Lunch!

  • As many of you know, I am a retired “educator.” My wife (for over twenty years) is a health-care professional (laser hair removal) and caberet performer. She is considerably younger than I, which sometimes makes it a bit difficult keeping up with her . . . but I LOVE trying!

    Patronizing an Indian Buffet on some obscure ethnic “Holiday” is probably the last thing my wife and I would consider on this lovely Tuesday morniung. We adore Indian food but do NOT eat in restaurants for very obvious reasons (not the least of which are the profound lack of even basic sanitation in their kitchens and the extremely high likelihood that the waitress or waiter has both a communicable disease — perhaps even infectious herpes (especially in New York) — and a very sour attitude). We are, quite simply, unwilling to so shortsightedly jeopardize our health.

    But if y’all want to, by all means be my guest.

    Chuck, PhD

  • Y’know, CockChug, some Indian food might smoke out Twitchy from his hidey-hole. You really should give it a try.

  • Chucky..you went to a dipshit redneck college, are racist in the extreme and are infact a terrible inictment of all that is wrong with America.

    And as for you ‘Young vivacous wife’….she looks like a Pitbull chewing a wasp..a very very fat ugly pitbull.

    You both look like extras from Deliverance.

  • Can i use Diwali as an excuse to dance Bhangra in my office?

  • All set to order Bibimbap from Pro Deli when I realized today was Diwali.
    Have to order in, but Sapphire (1845 Bwy, between 60 and 61) has a special Diwali buffet. Would like to hear from other Midtown Lunchers who go there.

  • not a fan of saphire…had a friend who ate the lunch box all the time (we went to NYIT right next door)…i thought it was bland…but he liked it…

    i think Bay leaf is 10x better.

  • @ Blondie, I think a dose of Bhangra to celebrate the triumph of good over evil is totally valid. Meanwhile, I’ll bust out a little “interpretive” Kathak at my office for good measure. I think it’s going to go over awesomely with the CFO.

  • CockChug giving advice to people on obesity…the mind reels

    Next he’ll be consulting on schizophenia, anal-retentiveness and penis enlargement

  • I used to totally rock Orissa dance, but now I can’t remember one pata from the other.

  • lmao @ “hope this helps”

  • I took about a year of bharatanatyam before I had to drop out. I think I’ll opt for Bhangra as well — and maybe snag some samosas from the Cafe Spice outpost at Grand Central on my way home.

  • is DocChuck for real?

  • i didn’t realize it was diwali until after i ate my minar lunch. i had indian on the brain anyway.

  • Adam, the answer is no – he is by far the funniest aspect of this site, and his tongue in cheek existence is lost on almost all. Almost as funny as his posts are the outraged responses from people who for some reason continue to take him seriously.

  • DIgger, DOC CHUCK takes himself very seriously! Do not provoke his wrath! He may bust his catheter on you.

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