Calexico & Treats Truck to Form Best-of-The-Street Catering Service (& Daisy Did Eat at the Biryani Cart!)

2008 Vendy Awards 

2008 Vendy Award winners The Calexico Cart were featured in the New York Daily News today, and when asked to name their favorite food carts in the city, gave a list made up almost entirely of former Vendy Award nominees.  That list included the Kwik Meal Cart (on 45th & 6th) and the Biryani Cart (on 46th and 6th), who both lost to the Calexico cart at this year’s competition, and the Hallo Berlin Cart (on 54th and 5th), who won the very first Vendy Awards (the event that served as inspiration for the Vendley brothers to start the Calexico Cart.)  Also mentioned was the news that they are working on “a potential alliance with the Treat Truck dessert cart for a best-of-the-street catering service.”  Very interesting…

In other Vendy related news, one of the Vendy Award board members defended Daisy Martinez against the lighthearted “accusation” that as a Judge at this year’s Vendy Awards she didn’t try the food from the Biryani Cart.

Hey Zach, this is one of the members of the Vendy board… and I can promise you that I personally escorted Daisy and her husband to the head of the biryani cart’s line, where Meru and Co. prepared her and the rest of the judges a fresh (and gigantic) platter of everything they were serving. There are, I suspect, photographs of this, as the platter was absurd. I can ask Daisy’s assistant if she has one. I’m sad about it too, not solely because I’m strongly in favor of both Bengali-speakers and biryani.

Photos are not necessary… we believe you. But I would love to hear Daisy’s thoughts on the whole judging proces, including what criteria was used, and what she and the other judges thought of the food from the different vendors.

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