Vendy Awards Fraud!?! Did ‘Judge’ Daisy Martinez Even Try the Biryani Cart?

Chef Daisy… does any of this look familiar?

Chef Daisy Martinez gives New York Magazine’s Grub Street a list of all the food she’s eaten this week, and her list of Vendy Awards grub from last Saturday (where she was one of the judges who awarded the cup to the Calexico boys) has one glaring omission:

“I walked over to the Vendys and I had what everybody there had: those delicious little fresh tacos that those boys from Calexico were making, pupusas from Soler, and braised chicken, falafel, and I had a lamb wrap that was incredible. And I had some delicious organic vanilla ice cream and a chocolate bread pudding”

No mention of the biryani, chicken tikka masala, or the chicken kati rolls served by the Biryani CartI’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she must have just forgotten to include it in the list she submitted to Grub Street.  But truthfully, it would make much more sense that she didn’t even try it… because if she had, the Biryani Cart (which won the Peoples Choice Vote) would have definitely won the cup!

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  • You’re really taking this loss hard…… heh, maybe she totally didn’t try it. OOh… I smell a vote recount!!!

  • I can’t stand Daisy or her craptacular show on PBS.

    I say we do a year end MIDTOWNIES!!!! Awards for vendors in Midtown… by People in Midtown.

  • She was recalling a list from a week ago! And I was there–her plate was full….Although the kati roll from the Biryani cart was my personal fave…

  • Is she from Florida?

  • I love the MidTownies idea. We should get together one cold day in Mad park with a street meat collection.

  • I take that back. I am through with biryani cart. Someone needs to give Meru a lesson in business. If you become uber popular, you don’t just make the same amount of food as before. When you run out of Kati rolls, Biryani and Chicken Tikka by 1:20, you’re only hurting your business. You lose a sale and potentially a customer. Its absurd. You can’t be out of your 3 most popular dishes at 1:20.

  • She’s from nyc. I dont really like her show either.

  • @Rudy: we’re not all like that.

  • I’m with dougiec. Get your business right Meru! But he’s so nice.

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