New Crumbs Location is Open; No Free Cucpakes Today or Tomorrow

Free cupcake fail!  The new location of Crumbs on Madison Ave. btw. 52nd & 53rd is officially open for business… but, despite what was reported at the end of last week- they will *not* be giving away free full size cupcakes today, or tomorrow.  They will, however, be doing “agressive sampling” (in the words of the Manager) of little mini cupcakes.  They are almost out for today, but they will have more tomorrow.  (No guarantee though, on the free mini cupcakes.)

There is an official Grand Opening in the works which may or may not happen on November 6th, which may or may not include a 1000 free full sized cupcake giveaway- but none of that is confirmed.  I’ll keep you up to date…


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