Dutch Fast Food Kroket Chain Danku is Coming to Midtown

Grub St. breaks the news that the Dutch chain Danku will be opening at the end of the month on 57th Street btw. 5+6th Ave. Their specialty is “the kroket, a deep-fried fritter filled with everything from chili con carne to macaroni and cheese, each served with a designated dipping sauce (creamy ranch being one).”  Alright Danku… you’ve got our attention.


  • Mijn god! I can’t freakin’ wait!

  • Will it be paired w/ a floridian drink called Tubz?

  • This sounds perfect with a cold beer…..

  • I think I’m in love!

  • M, sipping suds whilst dipping Dutch balls sure sounds good to me

    To tell a family secret, my grandmother was Dutch

  • So let me get this straight, these are balls dipped in boiling oil? Is there a vegetarian option?

  • What’s the deal with the cow?

  • I absolutely adore deep fried fritters!

    Sadly, about 2 years ago, my wife (a licensed practical nurse who, incidentally, is a great deal younger than myself) made the ill-advised decision to forego carbohydrates in her diet. Since then, her diet has consisted of mostly processed cheeses, luncheon meats, foil packages of tuna, spiral hams, deviled eggs, spinach dip and clear liquors.

    I’m afraid abstaining from carbohydrates robbed that poor woman of her once-girlish figure as well as her joi d’vive. She has become fleshy and mannish in appearance and her pocked skin now requires several thick coats of foundation. Let’s not discuss her breath.

    On the other hand, I have not one but 2 PhDs and apparantly the good sense to include pasta, rice and potatoes as well as bread, cake and pie and, yes, FRITTERS in my diet. I am still told that I look too young to be retired (I am a retired “educator,” if that means anything to you). Perhaps I have a bit of a paunch, but at least my body has not fallen into irreversable ketosis.

  • Here is a “before” photo of my dear wife.

    Years later he complexion is still damaged.

  • Chucky – that’s just you in a wig, isn’t it? Only other possibility is you married your sister

    Quite common in Arkansas if that should interest you

  • TMI my friend—TMI…..

  • Hey Doc, don’t use French sayings if you don’t know how to spell them. It’s joie de vivre.

  • i was waiting for a comment like Blondies…New Yorkers can’t resist correcting people’s french!

  • DocChuck has TWO PHDs….how dare an uneducated herpes-infected *TWITCH* midtown hussy like you presume to correct his French? You should be happy that *TWITCH* a retired “educator” generously graces you all with his boundless wisdom. Back off, or I’ll bite your *TWITCH* nuts off!

  • Wat dacht je van een broodje haring met uitjes?

    God zij dank voor de poffertjes.

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